Most people dream of wealth. For some, this wish came true with the introduction of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The value of virtual money has exploded in the recent past, so that early owners of the currency today have multi-digit millions. The example of an anonymous bitcoin millionaire proves that not much money is necessary to live a full life. He recently presented his project “Pineapple Fund” in an internet forum. With this, the stranger says he is giving away most of his assets to charitable institutions.

Pineapple Fund: First donations already made

According to a media report, there are 5,057 bitcoins in the fund. That corresponds to a value of around 73 million euros! First donations should already have gone out. Thus, eight aid projects received a total of 6.55 million US dollars. The reasons for the donor’s actions sound classy. He has more money than he can ever spend, but makes nothing of it. In addition, he feared with the continuous increase in the Bitcoin price increasingly for his safety. He prefers to lead a normal and withdrawn life. Many people from his circle of acquaintances did not even know his fortune. Whether the information given by the donor is true can not be determined at present. In the end, it does not matter as long as the money actually lands at the charitable institutions. Since initial projects have already publicly thanked for the donation, the Pineapple Fund founder seems to be serious.

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