It is almost irresponsible to browse the internet without using some form of VPN connection these days. Governments and ISPs will gladly snoop on your online activities and harvest the necessary information. Some of this information is then sold to third-party advertisers. ProtonMail acknowledges this problem, and they now provide a free VPN service to everyone who wants it. A great initiative, which will help consumers safeguard their information at all times.

A Free VPN By ProtonMail

It is good to see privacy-centric service providers focus on the things which should matter most to all Internet users. Online privacy is virtually impossible to achieve unless users take the necessary precautions. Unfortunately, very few people actively do so. This lackluster type of behavior ultimately results in thousands of people seeing their data exposed at some point in the future. Thankfully, there is now a new and free solution available, which everyone can take full advantage of.

ProtonMail is a well-known and respected service all over the world. It is one of the few encrypted email services which delivers on its promise of providing encrypted email services. As of today, the company will provide its free VPN service to everyone in the world. The service has been thoroughly beta-tested by around 10,000 users for over a full year. All users need to do is visit the proper website and enjoy the service without costs for the lifetime of their account.

It is important to note ProtonVPN can be upgraded to a paid tier, if needed. Users can connect to a remote connection in three different countries, and they will see relatively slow internet speeds. Additionally, the service will only work on one device at a time. This free solution is more than sufficient for most internet users, though, but more experienced users may want to look at upgrading to a paid plan. It is good to see these different tiers, though, to say the least.

More importantly, providing this free service to users all over the world will hopefully get more people acquainted with the concept of a VPN connection. It is evident the demand for proper VPN services is on the rise, yet not everyone wants to pay for a service until they know for sure it is a proper service that suits their needs. Protonmail is doing a great job in this regard, as efforts like these may eventually make VPN usage as common as using instant messaging applications.

Government officials all over the world are looking for ways to further regulate the internet and free speech. It does not appear they will be entirely successful in this regard, but it is good to be prepared just in case. Using a VPN is of the utmost importance for everyone who takes their online privacy seriously, that much is evident. Without such a tool, your information is exposed to prying eyes at all times, which is never a good idea.

It will be interesting to see how many people decide to make use of ProtonMail’s free VPN service moving forward. Even though it is somewhat limited in functionality, it will introduce a lot of people to the concept of protecting one’s online privacy. Moreover, the option to upgrade the subscription is always there, and it should not be ignored by any means. This is a very smart move by ProtonMail, that much is evident.

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