RealityClash is the world’s first augmented reality combat game which takes gaming out on the streets in the real world. By using the actual world as a battlefield, Reality Clash overlays it with cool combat element in order to give you a unique gaming experience. If you ever wanted to know how it feels to be on a battlefield, but at the same time be completely safe and sound, this is your chance to experience the feeling – only with RealityClash!

RealityClash is an augmented reality combat game by Reality Gaming Group. Even though it is a revolutionary concept which was only made possible by the latest technological advancements, the idea of one such game was born much earlier. The original brain behind the game was Morten Rongaard, a Danish entrepreneur, today’s founder of Reality Gaming Group. At the time when the concept was first thought of by Morten, the idea had to remain in the imagination only since there wasn’t the technology to do it. How, using the advantages of augmented reality, mobile gaming and accurate geo-location in the real world, the concept is finally coming to life to many people’s pleasure.

So, what is so special about RealityClash? Combat games have been the most popular genre of games ever, but they have a down side – you are just impersonating the character you play with and that is not really you. The character has a pre-given set of skills which you can use or further develop, but you can never go out of the given frame. With RealityClash, you are the character you plan. Your skills and strategies decide your path in the game and your agility is the thing that can get you on top of other gamers. You are moving into the real world and you are coming face to face with real people who are also playing the game.

RealityClash has a variety of different weapons you can choose from to take down your enemies. Starting with the classic weapons like the AK47, to more exclusive special items like airstrikes and C4, RealityClash gives you an opportunity to fight enemies from different sides and always bring the element of surprise.

You do not have to be alone against the world, since RealityClash has an option to join in a team, or gather your friends and make a new one. As a team, you can fight to accomplish your goals and be more effective in eliminating the enemies. The RealityClash team mode will help out players organize better and do some strategic planning.

RealityClash will hold special tournaments in which the best players can become superstars of the gaming society. Such tournaments will really be special events where you will have the chance of showing the world why you deserve to be called a true master of this game.

The game is currently under final development and it offers great deals to the public in the current token pre-sale – buy tokens at special rates and get an incredible 50% bonus!. The official ICO campaign starts on 29th August and it will last for 30 days.

For more information about the game or on how to get the tokens in the pre-sale, visit
RealityClash – turns game into reality!

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