By using Red Pill Tokens, content creators will not be at risk of losing their livelihood as has just recently occurred. YouTube and Google just change

their policies at will, not caring who suffers. Not any more, Red Pill

Empowers Users To Control Their Financial Wellbeing & Stability.

San Francisco, California, November 11, 2017, The difference between Centralized and Decentralized became glaringly obvious with the recent YouTube/Google Adsense Adpocalypse. An untold amount of people were hit right in the pocketbook as policies of these mega-media giants were changed and havoc ensued. It wasn’t long before Patreon and PayPal started closing accounts of content creators who used the platforms to accept client funding because they also stated that these channels violated their moral guidelines.

Imagine working for years to establish a reputation and earn income from your work product just to see it all come crashing down. This is exactly why what was needed was a content creators platform based on Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. No longer will users be subject to arbitrary and sometimes capricious policy changes. Those days are over thanks to Red Pill. This is a monetized platform owned and controlled by know one, yet owned and controlled by everyone.

Red Pill Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that exists on the Ethereum blockchain developed to enable peer to peer currency transfers. All Red Pills have already been created, and no more can or will be created. With Red Pill, you are the bank. There is no middle man. Users can securely send and receive Red Pills which can be stored on virtually any device. Supply and demand determine the value of Red Pill Coin.

Therein lies the difference between centralized control and decentralized control. Cryptocurrency is part of a decentralized ledger hosted on a blockchain. The records of transactions, called Smart Contracts, cannot be edited. This is the most secure form of financial system ever conceived. Make no mistake about it, Red Pill will dominate this segment of the cryptocurrency movement. Anybody with an Internet connection can be part of the blockchain revolution, and it is anonymous. A person can access their funds from anywhere on the planet.

A detailed discussion on the Red Pill phenomena can be viewed in their Whitepaper here.

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