The food retail industry is experiencing enormous changes, of which the goal will be the almost complete replacement of human labor with robotic systems for the automation of processes in retail while reducing the trading enterprises costs.

It is obvious that the food retail technological revolution has started. We have witnessed and drawn from lessons of well-known online retailers such as Amazon go, Ocado group, Walmat (Project kepler) and RFID based store who encountered many challenges in their automation of the food retail processes. Shops with self-service checkouts are perhaps the best example of food retail automation created to reduce the human labor use. However, these innovations also have one serious shortcoming that buyers often, both consciously and unconsciously, “steal” goods without paying for them. Retailers, who expected a reduction in the paying cost for cash workers, are forced to hire more controlling operators. Thus, the cost savings for retailers turned out to be a daydream.

As a result, the company, which will offer the market a relatively cheap and reliable robotic system that can order processing time comparable to the average time of purchase in a normal store, will become a leader in this field. A company which can offer a solution which significantly reduces the trading company costs for labor and commercial premises possessions.

This is how the Roboretail idea was born. “Roboretail” is a software-robot-run complex developed by our team, designed for almost complete replacement of human labor in food retail. The intended use of “Roboretail” is the significant automation of the processes produced in every grocery store, regardless of its format, whether it’s a “shop near the house”, a supermarket or a hypermarket. More importantly, Roboretail can help overcome shortcomings that other retailers face.

Retailrobotics&Blockchain is proud to present the world’s first robotic supermarket prototype. You can learn more about the prototype presentation by moving to our website:

Retailrobotics&Blockchain ICO

ICO goals

Robotcoin tokens primary goal is to pay for robotic equipment.

Retailrobotics&Blockchain attracts cryptocurrencies assets (Ether) for the following goals:

  • to complete prototype development (including developer compensation, related taxes, purchase of parts and components, etc.)
  • to create production facilities for robotic equipment mass production (including the acquisition of premises and/or land, machinery and equipment, purchase of raw materials and materials, purchase of specialized software, etc.)
  • to be the world’s first fully-automated supermarket established for buyers (including for the purchase of premises or land for the store establishing and other related purposes)
  • to pay for other expenses related to the above goals

500,000,000 tokens will be released during ICO.

The equipment set cost for equipping a store area of 250 sq.m. is $75,000 or 750 RBC.

The main token sale goal is $5,000,000. At the same time, the token sale organizer does not limit the buyers by the specified amount because 250,000,000 tokens will be offered.

Unsold tokens will be returned to the token organizer. The token sale participant cannot transfer the received tokens to a third party until the end of the token sale.

Each person, who has reached the age of majority and had Ether, can take part in the token sale. If you have another cryptocurrency and you cannot exchange it for Ether, contact us by mail [email protected] to discuss the opportunity of exchanging your cryptocurrency for Robotcoin.
The citizens of those countries, whose legislation prohibits token sale and/or participation in token sale, don’t have an opportunity to participate in token sale.

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