REVAIN’S pre-crowdsale was launched on August 8 and within hours of going live reached its hard cap. This crowdsale was the first precedent in cryptoworld to accept Bitcoin Cash as means of payment.  The platform received the feedback way more exceeding the expectations of developers.

With these impressive results, REVAIN is expecting to reach the soft cap during the first hours of crowdfunding that is to be launched on August 21. Crowdsale is based on smart contracts operating on Ethereum platform. If users wish to support the platform, they would simply need to send cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash, NEM, or other blockchain projects tokens). Crowdfunding will last for 2 weeks and the tokens will be distributed as follows: 70% during the crowdsale; 20% – to the team and advisors, 10% – to bug bounty campaign supporters.

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REVAIN is a breakthrough review platform implementing blockchain technology making sure that the feedback the users leave is authentic.  The authenticity is achieved by the operation method where reviews fragments are processed both by machines and manually being saved into the blockchain. Therefore, there is a guarantee that those comments won’t be edited later. KYC-systems features are used to provide super organic reviews and minimize the risks of fake ones. The platform token called RVN is used to motivate users to leave only legitimate reviews.

REVAIN’s ultimate vision is to create a transparent web-environment allowing businesses to get genuine customer feedback about their products while giving users a unique opportunity to learn about authentic experiences and share their own feedback on the monetary basis.

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