As some of you might have heard through the grapevine, the official Ledger IOTA App is about to be released — all thanks to the community-driven initiative lead by some of the best developers we were honoured to be working with (some of them actively participating in the Hercules development as well): wollac, diskings, muXxer and others. Same developers have helped us integrate the Ledger into Deviota Romeo — a page-based wallet that runs in most browsers.

Punctually for the release of the Ledger IOTA App, we have published Romeo 0.5.0 Public Beta with massive updates to improve the Ledger integration and user experience.

If you have a ledger and want to try it out, read on.

Getting the Ledger IOTA appPrerequisites

You need the Ledger Nano and install the corresponding IOTA App.

Now, it is still not known how many days Ledger will take to release. It seems that there are rather political and organisational considerations involved. However, the App is tested and ready to be used. If you are eager to try it out before the actual release, you will just need:

VirtualBox installed on your machineAbout 3–5 minutes of your timeProcedure

Follow a simple procedure created by muXxer, which takes about 3 minutes, if you already have the VirtualBox installed(and don’t forget to donate for his awesome work! ;-)).

That’s it! You are ready to roll!

Why Romeo?It is portable

Romeo runs anywhere. It is a single HTML file that can be opened in most modern browsers (except Safari). No need to install software. And together with Ledger, you can use your friend’s or any public computer to manage your finances without compromising on security.

It’s blazing-fast

Due to it’s page-structure, integration and modular design, there is currently nothing that beats Romeo. A transaction takes about 1–2 seconds (or 14 seconds on Ledger) to complete.

It literally supports a billion accounts

Your ledger could literally handle a billion of different accounts. Each account with its own set of pages. Romeo is only limited by

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