Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive… You got it. Craig Wright is at it again. Only this time around it’s going to be hard to talk his way out of this one. According to his official blog post yesterday, it’s a myth that Satoshi (Craig) ever posted on Bitcointalk. Only… he then goes on to say that he did.

Craig Wright Says That He (Satoshi) Never Used Bitcointalk
There is absolutely nothing unclear about the opening paragraph, no speculative language, no room for doubt. Satoshi never used Bitcointalk according to Craig (Satoshi):
It is a myth that all the posts on Bitcointalk ( from my account (Satoshi) are in fact mine and have not been edited or changed and that the login on the website belongs to me. Satoshi (I) never used Bitcointalk. My final post, in fact, links to a domain that does not exist.
The nChain Chief Scientist goes on to explain that the images that can be found there are actually early versions that would go on to form the Bitcoin website. He also says that the links there are “innocuous.” However, if you can want to understand the following paragraph you’ll need a compass and a flashlight to guide you through the word maze:
To the casual observer, it will look as if it’s a link to a post I made, yet, the supposed author never made it. I can say, in other words, the creator of Bitcoin didn’t make the post, because Satoshi didn’t. 
What about the evidence that points to the contrary such as the Wayback Machine? Craig Wright says it can be “gamed,” and that it “is not perfect.” He also claims that Bitcointalk was only registered in mid-2011.
It’s funny that nobody talks about it; well, I guess it’s not so funny for them. There are plenty of people who remember the original website. Then again, most of the same people don’t want my version of Bitcoin, and think that they can do better.
Evidence Shows Importance of Bitcointalk – Way Before 2011
In a pretty comprehensive case against Craig Wright as Satoshi by, Bitcointalk is discussed in depth. Satoshi Nakamoto made his last post on the forum in 2011, just a few weeks before Craig Wright came up with his first revolutionary electronic payment system: PayPal on gold.
Moreover, this would be the very first time-stamped actual hard evidence of Craig Wright posting on Bitcointalk on July 28, 2011. Yet, according to the article, he barely knew how to spell ‘Bitcoin’ let alone describe it:
And what immediately stands out here: Craig had not a freaking clue how to spell the latest hype he just learned about. Within days, he finds almost a handful of ways of how to spell Bitcoin wrongly, while in 2008-2010 Satoshi always spelled Bitcoin correctly on public forums like Metzdowd and Bitcointalk. And now Satoshi would suddenly have lost that ability half a year later? Of course not. 
What’s Craig’s defense? He says:
The reason is simple: not everyone wanted my version of Bitcoin. Not everything I said remains, and some of it has, subtly, been changed. 
Oh, so you did in fact post on Bitcointalk? That’s funny as the title of your blog article is a little misleading – ‘Satoshi never posted on Bitcointalk’. Do you want to walk that one back too?
What do you make of Craig Wright’s latest arguments for being Satoshi Nakamoto? Add your thoughts below!

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