“Sell in May and Go Away” – in 9 out of 11 Countries it Makes Sense to Do So

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acting-man.com / Dimitri Speck / May 2, 2017

An Old Seasonal Truism

Most people are substantially wakeful of a observant “sell in May and go away”. This renouned anniversary Wall Street credo implies that a market’s opening is distant worse in a 6 summer months than in a 6 winter months.

Numerous studies have been undertaken quite with honour to US batch markets, that endorse the  relations debility of a batch marketplace in a summer months.

What is a standing of a “sell in May” order in other countries though? we have examined a patterns in a eleven many critical batch markets in a world.

The Eleven Largest Markets in a World Under a Seasonal Microscope

I have taken a demeanour during a renouned benchmark batch indexes of a eleven countries with a largest marketplace capitalization from 1970 onward, or starting from a beginning year as of that continual cost information are available.

The comparison divides a calendar year into a summer half-year from May to Oct and a winter half-year from Nov to April. The position is insincere to be sealed out on a initial trade day of a following month. In a particular half-year in that no position in bonds is

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