Sensorium Corporation’s Alexey Blagirev and Nikita Bokarev will lift the lid on the company’s plans, its uses of advanced technologies and the future of digital social experiences at the 4th Annual Blockchain Central Davos event

DAVOS, Switzerland, — Speakers from Sensorium Corporation, a company that is redefining social media and virtual reality experiences, are set to share invaluable market insight and future predictions during presentations at the 4th Annual Blockchain Central Davos event, hosted by Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and taking place between January 20 and 24 at Davos Switzerland. The Blockchain Central Davos event brings together leading voices in blockchain technologies to share learning and create unmatched opportunities for innovators and GBBC members, to collaborate with policymakers and business leaders from around the world.

Alexey Blagirev, Digital and Investor Relations Director, Sensorium Corporation will focus on how sweeping digital changes are transforming society in his presentation ‘The Digitization of Everything.’ Nikita Bokarev, Chief Marketing Officer, Sensorium Corporation will reveal the transformational impact new social-based networks are set have during his ‘Blockchain, AR, VR – How New Tech is Transforming the Media Landscape’ presentation.

During his presentation, which takes place on the 22nd at 18.00, Blagirev will explain how Sensorium is redefining digital space by creating 3D virtual world environments in which thousands of people can participate at any one time. “This is an evolutionary and revolutionary step which alters our perception of digital experiences,” he said, adding, “Within the Sensorium Universe iconic events such as music concerts and famous nightclub scenes are broadcast live and in 3D into the digital universe, eliminating physical and geographical barriers in an instant.”

Bokarev will focus on how the evolution of social networks and new technologies such as social virtual reality are creating brave new 3D digital worlds. He said: “Today’s social networks will gradually move to the 3D virtual space because of the communal experience it provides. Friends can come together, and using Social VR tools, collectively participate in a 3D virtual events in real-time and visit new virtual spaces.” Bokarev’s presentation takes place on the 23rd at 19.30.

Both Blagirev and Bokarev are also giving a special virtual reality demo and overview of the Sensorium Galaxy so attendees can gain a first-hand view of the unique experiences provided. This demo takes place on the 23rd at 20.30. Following the special virtual reality demo there will be a concert performance by Matt Sorum, former drummer with the iconic Guns N’ Roses.

About Sensorium Galaxy
Sensorium is the world’s first global social VR media platform created in collaboration with acclaimed artists, visionaries and entertainment entities. Sensorium provides the one-stop destination for multi-user immersion into entertainment experiences and self-discovery through its experiential worlds.Sensorium provides the one-stop destination for multi-user immersion into entertainment experiences and self-discovery through its experiential worlds.Sensorium Galaxy begins its expansion with the Music Planet, first virtual worlds of which are implemented in collaborations with some of the leading representatives of international music scene.

About Sensorium Corporation
Sensorium Corporation is a technology company that creates digital simulations of real-world venues and virtual worlds in cooperation with its content partners – globally recognized concert venues, clubs and festivals. For more information, visit 

About Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)
The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the leading industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem. Conceived on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, the GBBC is a Swiss-based non-profit launched in 2017 in Davos, Switzerland. The organization brings together innovators and thought-leaders from over 50 countries to further adoption of blockchain technology by engaging and educating regulators, business leaders, and lawmakers on how to harness this groundbreaking technology to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies.

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