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Considering how many believe that cryptocurrencies are the future, a lot of people have developed an interest in them. This interest grew even more since the digital coins gained additional popularity before the bear market hit back in January of this year.

However, even though the prices went down, people still remained intrigued by the concept. As a result, we now have more cryptos, as well as more crypto investors, than ever before. While this is an excellent development for the crypto industry, many are often confused regarding which coin to invest in.

Most decide to go for the coin close to the top, but not the top itself. They also wish to go for a coin that has quality, as well as a vision. This is why people often end up comparing NEO to TRON and trying to figure out which one has more potential.

NEO or TRON — which one to choose?

Both NEO or TRON have a similar ultimate goal, which is to make the future a better place. They are both doing it in their own way. Both coins have previously been within the top 10 cryptos on CoinMarketCap, but have since dropped a bit lower on the list. Currently, TRX is leading by occupying the 13th spot, while NEO is following on the 14th place.

Their shared ultimate goal, as mentioned, is to change the world with their product, and make it better for everyone in it. Their smaller goals, on the other hand, are quite different. TRON wishes to start by dominating and revolutionizing the entertainment industry. NEO, on the other hand, wishes to do the same in the area of smart contract and dApp development. In this regard, NEO is similar to EOS, which is often seen as its biggest competitor.

Currently, NEO has over 66 dApps created on its blockchain. While the current leader in the number of dApps is undoubtedly Ethereum, the fact is that the quality of NEO’s dApps is far greater. This is due to the larger costs of dApp creation, which is why only the best and most confident projects choose NEO. Ethereum, on the other hand, is much cheaper to use, and that is why more projects end up there.

As for TRON, this coin has made an astonishing amount of progress throughout the year. It launched a MainNet, it held several token burns, it launched TRON Virtual Machine among other projects, and it even purchased BitTorrent for the purpose of a new Project Atlas. Even so, its price remains pretty low and is currently valued at only $0.020549 per coin. NEO, on the other hand, is considerably more valuable, with a price of $18.65 per coin.

While NEO obviously has more value per token right now, TRON has grown and expanded more than any other crypto. One of its biggest problems is large circulating supply and even larger total supply. Apart from that, this is a great project that is definitely worthy of investing in.

This doesn’t mean that NEO is bad. On the contrary, both of them are excellent projects, which are simply doing their thing in a different way from one another. This is also the reason why it is difficult to compare them and pick the better coin. Investing in either of them will require patience since investments in these coins are a long-term thing. As for which one to go for, that depends on the investors themselves. It all comes down to your own view of the project, and your own decision of their goal’s value.

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