The winds of change are blowing in the world of education.

High tuition fees are quickly making university education a preserve of the wealthy elite.

Traditional jobs are being lost due to technological advances, meaning people need to learn new skills to survive.

It’s time for a paradigm shift…

‘Lifewide Learning’

Lifewide learning is an educational concept that is starting to take hold across the world.

The idea has been pioneered in Europe by the Swedish National Agency for Education who, in a recent report, describe lifewide learning as:

“…what the individual learns throughout their whole life-span. Knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete, and it is necessary for the individual to update knowledge and competence in a continuous process of learning.”

This is a big shift from the traditional model of learning, where leaving school or graduating from university signals the end of your education, to online learning.

It’s estimated that by 2025 the online learning industry will be worth $331 billion. That’s billion with a ‘b’!

Companies that are offering revolutionary new blockchain-based education platforms such as NTOK are poised to become the ‘virtual universities’ and classrooms of the near future.

The Dawn of EdTech

The need for life-long continued learning is increasingly being filled by technology. There is a huge demand for specialist training and tutoring, that can’t be delivered face-to-face for practical and financial reasons.

This is where Tutor Ninja’s NTOK project scores highly. It directly connects highly skilled tutors with students that are eager to learn.

The NTOK platform is based on blockchain technology, and payments are made using ‘Ninja Tokens’, making it affordable for all. NTOK removes the traditional middlemen of agencies and training providers, allowing students to access specialist tutoring anywhere in the world.

For instance, automobile technicians need the skills to work on more and more sophisticated vehicle control systems. Technology becomes obsolete quickly in this industry. Therefore, it’s essential that technicians stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills.

Online tutoring can help. Tutors with expertise in this area can offer training to individuals anywhere, through a virtual classroom. This solution is cheaper and more effective than sending technicians off to a training center to receive similar (or inferior) tuition.

It’s easy to see that EdTech is set to be a ‘disruptive’ technology, in a similar way that Uber has revolutionized taxi journeys and Airbnb has changed the face of travel accommodation, NTOK will be the platform that dominates online education and tuition.

“The arrival of services that revolutionize the online tutoring market is not far off, creating a generally accepted entry point for a student when looking for a tutor, connecting them directly, giving an easy and convenient interaction interface and sharply reducing the intermediary margins.” Alex Filatov, IoD Chartered Director.

The Benefits of Tutor Ninja’s NTOK Project

NTOK offers multiple benefits for society, including:

  • A new era of democratic education – high-quality private tuition and education will be available for everyone, regardless of race, nationality, status or wealth. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection and the financial means to buy the affordable tokens, you can get access to life-changing private tuition.
  • Guaranteed quality – NTOK uses blockchain technology to secure and verify tutor ratings and reviews, meaning they are 100% accurate and reliable.
  • Highly specialized learning opportunities – the NTOK platform has expert tutors in every imaginable field and niche. If you want to learn any new skill or add to your knowledge in any specialist area, there will be a tutor for you.
  • Social and economic stability – EdTech will bring about a change in the global economy. As more people get access to education opportunities, it will lift many out of poverty and increase the GDP of traditionally poorer countries. In the developed countries, people who are losing their jobs due to technological displacement will be able to re-skill and find new careers.
  • More inclusive education – children and adults with special learning needs such as ADD/ADHD or autism will be able to access a more suitable curriculum through one to one tuition.
  • Location independence – people from rural or isolated areas, will be able to access high-quality private tuition that may otherwise be unavailable in their locality.

The NTOK project offers many opportunities for both individual and social progression. Today’s children will have access to education opportunities that haven’t existed before which will free them of the constraints of traditional schooling.

As NTOK’s Tutor Development Advisor, Mary Cooney says, “the one-size-fits-all does not match the realities of the classroom and schools in which [students] work.”

NTOK doesn’t subscribe to the one-size-fits-all philosophy. Variety and choice of specialized tuition are the things that set NTOK apart.

The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Cryptocurrency is the future of online transactions. The added safety and security of currency such as BitCoin and Ethereum make it an attractive way to do business online. NTOK has created a unique education platform or ecosystem, that has its own cryptocurrency – Ninja Tokens.

The tokens are bought by students using other cryptocurrencies or standard currency and exchanged for tutoring services. Tutors can then hold to the currency and treat it as an investment in the company, or exchange them for standard currency. This means that the platform has a built-in blockchain, meaning it is a very safe and secure system.

This system will have a positive social impact, as it will mean that tutors from developing nations will have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency and potentially create more wealth. As the ecosystem grows, so will people’s investments, so tutors and resource providers all have a vested interest in providing the highest-quality education.

“The students benefit from the availability of remote access to educational services, a blockchain based loyalty system and settlements simplified through the introduction of NTOKs. The removal of intermediaries by utilizing the NTOK platform, which is built on blockchain and challenges the existing educational methods, is at the same time answering the question of how to find and verify trustworthy coaches worldwide. The blockchain technology raises the efficiency of interaction between coaches and students significantly.” Anton Mishin – Tutor Ninja CEO


Tutor Ninja NTOK is a revolutionary education platform that provides a whole new way of sharing and receiving knowledge, which is key in today’s globalized, lifewide learning environment.

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