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The Delta Summit took place earlier this month at Malta. It’s “The Maltese Government’s official blockchain and digital innovation event.” Not just for Ripple or XRP (as this news is somehow related to them), this matters for all, because Malta is probably the country that’s been more friendly to blockchain technology, fintech, and cryptocurrencies, so this conference is a big deal. All the big boys and VIPs from the cryptosphere concurred at Malta to be there, exchange ideas, and make new deals.

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One of the most interesting announcements at the Delta Summit was DX.Exchange’s. They are launching their new token (called DXCASH) alongside giving away 2.7 million USD worth of their tokens to celebrate the occasion and to encourage its community to get in the game.

Why is this important, I hear you ask? Because is a cryptocurrency exchange that does things differently. They are licensed to operate in Estonia, Israel, and Cyprus. It also has a partnership with NASDAQ that allows them to use NASDAQ’s very own trading engine to conduct business with crypto-coins.

That means it’s a fully regulated exchange in which security is guaranteed in better ways than in most others. Yes, some members of Ripple’s XRP community as well as other cryptocurrencies’ might not like the idea of ‘regulated’ that much.

Amadeo Moscata, who is’s CEO was at Malta to deliver the news, and he took the time to explain in more detail why this is a different thing.

Why are potential XRP pairs on DX Exchange worth celebrating? What’s unique with this exchange?

DX places a lot of emphasis on customer service. They have PR and marketing departments that work in 15 different languages to make sure they are reaching each market correctly but also giving each customer the service he or she wants in the language that he or she needs. This is indeed something somewhat rare in the cryptosphere.

Also, there are no trading fees at all in Mr. Moscata’s company. It’s a different business model based on membership. So if you join and pay your membership (which is 10 Euro for “normal” users per month) every trade you conduct is free.

If that’s not attractive enough for you, the platform includes web and mobile services. And yes, most exchanges are on the web, but most are not going mobile, and very few of those who are do it correctly. expects to start using XRP as a pairing coin sometime shortly which is why it was XRP Research Center who announced all those things through their twitter account, too.

Because of the emphasis on regulation and the human aspects of crypto trading, this is a project that aims to become a community more than an exchange/trading site, and that could make all the difference in long-term because of the loyalty they could command from their users and community members.

And that starts now as these community members are getting 2.7 million USD in free DXCASH tokens, just to start. And then, not just Ripple’s XRP, more cryptocurrencies would make it to the platform, which means broader reach.

This is not the biggest or more famous crypto exchange in the world right now. But their willingness to do things differently, and to put emphasis on happy customers, regulation, and a proven trading engine (remember NASDAQ is going to power them) could put them into the map very quickly.

So keep an eye out for this project, and, if you have 10 Euros to spare, we would suggest for you to go ahead and open a membership account to see for yourself if it’s really that good. Imagine how would it feel to trade your favorite crypto coin, Ripple’s XRP, on a fully regulated, secure and ‘no fees’ exchange? When great ideas show up, it’s always better to get in early. Of course, this isn’t financial advice, do your very own research if you wish to jump into anything.

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