According to a recent report, the South Korean military arm in charge of acquisition, (the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA)) has launched a blockchain pilot project designed to help improve business-related operations of the country’s defence sector.

DAPA to Collaborate with Two Other Agencies

According to (DAPA), the plan will involve developing a DLT based platform to not only help prevent “illegal alteration” of defence business data but to provide other yet to be listed benefits.

To ensure the success of the mission the agency is tasked with, DAPA will collaborate with Korea’s Agency for Defense Development and Defense Agency for Technology and Quality. Working together, these three agencies will ensure that defence procurement operations are well documented. They will make sure that all steps of procurement right from the initial bids to the final evaluation, are recorded on the blockchain. This will ensure maximum credibility.

Furthermore, DAPA mentioned that:

“In addition, management of business proposal submission would be automated, eliminating the “inconvenience” of the traditional paper document process. The blockchain system would also have potential roles outside acquisition, helping “reduce the burden” on defence companies by allowing unified management of firearms transportation permits and notifications.”

According to Kim Tae-gon, senior planning and coordination officer at DAPA, this new project is part of the agency’s agenda “to deploy blockchain within defence business systems and provide innovative public services.”

South Korean Government Agencies and Blockchain Technology

The South Korean government has in recent times involved itself with blockchain technology. Several government agencies have at one point or the other announced plans to integrate DLT in some of their operations.

For example, late last year, the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), a sub-organization of the Ministry of ICT, made it known that it has plans to double the number of blockchain pilot projects in the public sector from six last year to 12 in 2019.


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