Over the past ten years, the online gambling industry advanced to the point that now it is a multi-billion-dollar business that grows by the hour. But due to the big mistrust of online casinos, the quality of the available platforms leaves much to be desired. The developers of the SP8DE project decided to dispel the problem of trust in the casino and online gambling.

SP8DE: decentralized gambling

SP8DE is a decentralized protocol built on top of the Cardano blockchain, which will forever change and increase the degree of confidence in gambling. Decentralization, in this case, implies a uniform randomness among all participants in the game.

Now, any distributed applications that will be created using the SP8DE protocol, will be transparent, stand-alone and based on smart contracts. Consequently, this will allow players to be sure that neither other players, nor the system itself can influence the result of your luck.

Add to this the complete anonymity, which is already a very attractive bonus for many players. To create an account, you do not need to undergo a lot of verification and leave your personal contact information.

The transition to blockchain technology can really change and turn the entire online gambling industry upside down, which, you must agree, has outlived itself.


The team of the SP8DE project consists of excellent specialists, and they can implement the project at the highest level. The service itself has already got favorable reviews from almost all flagship publications and has to be in the spotlight.

The development team is quite large and includes only experienced engineers and Phd’s of technical sciences in the field of programming, cryptography and data protection:

Token sale

During the stage of SP8DE the ICO, tokens SPX will be released. It will be standard ERC20 based on the blockchain Ethereum. Developers promise to convert SPX tokens to their own standard in March 2018. It will become the official currency of the future ecosystem, through which developers are going to create decentralized applications, and players will get the opportunity to gamble in online casinos.

ICO of the SP8DE will take place in 5 stages, each of which has its own peculiarity. The most interesting is that the number of SPX tokens will grow with each subsequent stage of the token-sale. Everyone who will buy tokens, get his raffle ticket to participate in a kind of lottery with the opportunity to win the big jackpot. Notably, the participants of the earlier stages of the ICO will have a greater chance of winning. The unsold SPX will be distributed among investors tha participated in all sale phases.

A total supply is aroun 8.8 billion SPX and the price for the pre-ICO token is 98,89 SPX for 1 ETH. The company has already managed to sell more than 1 Billion SPX, which is quite impressive. The end date of the token is March 11, 2018.


The project starts with tokens Pre-sale and ICO. In the first quarter of 2018 company is going to provide listings of exchanges. During the summer they want to work on the development of the MVP protocol and conversion of ERC20 tokens into its own format. SP8DE will be represented on Hackathon 2018 in August. Towards the end of the year development of a platform for games will be completed.

In 2019, SP8DE is going to organize the conference, acquire the license for gambling activity and the announce the first game. In February, the first blockchain casino Launch will be launched. In the course of the year, developers will finish protocol for poker with testing its alpha and beta versions Finally, the first poker tournament will be held in November 2019.


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