The blockchain technology is nowadays being put to use in various innovative solutions. Spheris is one such platform that is implementing the cryptocurrency technology for decentralized application acquisition purposes. Dedicated to the software developers, the platform allows them to expand the user base and maximize earnings by reaching out to new markets and removing the middlemen like app stores from the equation respectively.

The decentralized nature of the Spheris platform offers both developers as well as customers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to payments, pricing, licensing terms and more. By efficiently bypassing the third app distribution platforms, developers will be able to free themselves from the hefty commissions on purchases. This cost difference can be easily passed onto the users, encouraging more people to download and use the apps for a small price. Also, the blockchain based payment system included as a part of the platform will virtually eliminate the involvement of conventional payment processors and banking services, further reducing the transaction costs.

The Spheris platform is built over Ethereum blockchain and powered by SPRS tokens. The team behind the project is currently in the process of raising funds through the crowdsale. However, unlike many other blockchain projects that opt for an ICO with nothing more than an idea and a whitepaper, the Spheris platform has a pre-alpha software in place, which they will continue to shape into a finished product soon.

The recently released pre-alpha products include Spheris Catalog and Browser. The Spheris Catalog is an Ethereum smart contractor to maintain essential information about the registered developers, applications, subscriptions and ratings whereas, the Browser is part of the Spheris DAM responsible for handling the UX of Spheris Catalog. By allowing people to access the pre-alpha projects, the platform has proven its intentions to bring a change in the software and mobile applications market.

The SPRS crowdsale is set to go live on September 19th, 2017. With the total supply capped at 2 trillion tokens, the platform is offering 1.24 trillion tokens on sale during the crowdsale campaign. These tokens can be purchased against ETH and BTC contributions during the monthlong crowdsale. The tokens will be sold at a price of 1 ETH for 300,000 SPRS, and the minimum funding cap is set at $720,000. 20% bonus is offered for early bird contributors in the first 2 days of the sale. If the total funds raised during the token sale is less than the minimum cap, the platform will be initiating a refund to all the contributors.

With the token sale going live on September 19, 2017, those interested in crowdsale can find more information on the Spheris website.


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