StartupToken Tour Offers Unique Chance to Meet Founders of Innovative Blockchain Startups in Asia in October

October 14, 2017 BST | Guest User

StartupToken is bridging the gap between blockchain entrepreneurs and potential token buyers via a series of events in Asia called the “StartupToken Asia Tour” starting on October 17th in Singapore.

Over the last 12 months we have seen an explosion in the offerings of new tokens or ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) with nearly US$2bn collected as proceeds of token sales. An increasing number of organisations are issuing their own digital currencies and offer it to a network of global token buyers removing much of the bureaucratic and costly procedures incurred for traditional fundraising. Given the amounts raised by token issuers, this trend is not due to slow down in the next months, on the contrary.

As one might expect with such large sums of money flowing into the space and new million-dollar sales occuring every week, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right projects. In the struggle to help token buyers to be more discerning and regain the trustworthy reputation of ICOs as a legitimate way of raising funds, one project is taking the lead; StartupToken is offering a full-package service for startups wishing to sell tokens to support the development of their platforms, from access to legal counsel to technical support, PR and marketing. A project must first pass the qualification test put in place by StartupToken to determine the true innovators from the opportunists. The aim is to work with startups which are utilising blockchain technology for a genuine improvement on ‘old-world’ processes and offering a token with real utility and benefits for their owners.

“We are working closely with associated policy makers and local partners in Gibraltar including legal incorporation with law firm Isolas. We are looking forward to a regulatory framework for blockchain companies and want to make sure best practices are applied by the StartupToken companies” explains Yacine Teraï, founder of StartupToken. He adds: “After a careful review we support truly innovative projects  which we believe can build lasting solutions providing long term benefits to the community and to the token holders. We are highly selective in the projects we take on and take into consideration their added value, the potential to scale and the solidity of the team.”


It can be a daunting world for a blockchain startup these days, with seemingly endless conferences and “experts” on hand, it is difficult for entrepreneurs to pick and choose the right promotion channels and advisors. It is also very difficult for prospective token buyers to have face to face meetings with project founders from all over the world. This is why StartupToken wishes to bridge the gap between token issuers and potential token buyers via a series of events starting with the “StartupToken Asia Tour” in October. A selection of startups will participate to a roadshow of events, meetups and private sessions to explain their projects, answer questions and develop their communities. This tour combines the nous

and expertise of blockchain authorities like Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium, with the enthusiasm and passion of new blockchain projects such as DetherHacken or Pesabase. As a pioneer investor in the Blockchain space, Eddy knows first hand the significance of a liquid market and the need for meeting with entrepreneurs. He states, “I have been traveling extensively over the last four years since I have started investing in blockchain companies and the main objective has been to meet and talk with entrepreneurs. In this new world of ICOs, I still want to meet and challenge the founders to make sure the token economics make sense for all stakeholders and ensure the sustainable development of the company. I am happy to join the StartupToken Asia Tour and share my experience in investing in this space and helping blockchain companies to navigate the challenges of the early stages of their startup life.”

The presence of blockchain personalities, established startups such as smart contract platform RSK and new comers in the space should attract anyone interested to invest in this space and who can easily be overwhelmed by the number of new projects and who should welcome the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs face to face.

StartupToken is establishing itself as a beacon of light in an otherwise increasingly foggy world of ICO’s. StartupToken community support will soon extend to offer co-working space, accelerator programs with seed capital and education for founders to help them scale their business in a cost-effective manner. Staying true to the distributed nature of blockchain technology, StartupToken plans to establish a global presence with operations in London, Paris, Gibraltar, Hong Kong and Tokyo in the coming year. The 2017 edition of the StartupToken Asia Tour will showcase innovative platforms such as RSK, Addaps and Energimine to the increasingly savvy Asian community which now accounts for a significant volume of digital currency and crypto trading.

You can discover the future leaders of the token economy outline their product and vision in Singapore on October 17th, Hong Kong on October 18th and Tokyo on October 19th.

For more information see the StartupToken Asia tour presentation. Click here to attend event in SingaporeHong Kong or Tokyo.

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