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Stellar Lumens is one of the most overlooked cryptocurrency projects even though the XLM boasts of a position among the top ten biggest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. In fact, if data from CoinMarketCap is anything to go by, XLM features a pretty low key trading volume, especially when compared to other big-time players of the industry like Ripple and Ethereum (both with trading volume in the hundreds of millions). Basically, in terms of trading volume, Stellar Lumens ranks at number 16 while being ranked number 8 in regards to the market cap. What does this say about the coin?

Well, most crypto enthusiasts believe that the reason behind the drastic difference and a considerably low trading volume of the coin is a result of low marketing of the coin. Granted, Stellar Lumens, unlike most cryptocurrency projects, has not been featured in the headlines quite as much. Given that current market trends are mostly speculative and that the news drives behavior among cryptocurrency traders and investors, it is no surprise that some people could think of marketing as a factor contributing to the low trading volume of XLM. But is this really it?

Stellar Developments

Recently, Stellar has been anything but reserved in terms of news and marketing. Even though not to the extent of most hyped up cryptocurrency projects, Stellar has had an active month with new developments set to unfold in the near future. Just last week, the Stellar Team announced the launch of the 7th annual Stellar Build Challenge (SBC) that has seen the Stellar community get excited about working in tandem with the Stellar team to produce advancements on the platform. So far submissions are ongoing with some developers promising to develop a boosted secure mobile wallet for stellar on the next challenge.

In addition, Stellar is partnering with LALA World to create a global payment ecosystem that will enable immigrants; students and any other unbaked individual across the globe send money to their loved ones at more affordable rates. LALA World is a B2B company set to transform millions of lives by 2020. The current agreement to work with Stellar Lumens will not only be one of the biggest partnerships for Stellar but also see the creation of a fully-fledged product by the 3rd quarter of the year. The new initiative will develop an XLM market that also enables microlending for small and medium enterprises.

Staying committed to decentralization

After it’s all said and done, Stellar seems to be one of the few projects committed to decentralization. Even though its trading volume is currently one of the lowest among the top coins in the market, the Stellar Team is poised on improving and developing the platform. Whether it’s through partnerships like the one with LALA World, or through community-driven initiatives like the SBC or even with Stellar’s commitment to innovate with the Stellar Decentralized Exchange, the XLM is here to stay. As long as the foundation continues to pursue development through decentralization and transformation of people’s lives, there is a good chance for a sudden spike in XLM.

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