Suretly will use a solution for investors to deposit their coins in half a day before the ICO. According to Eugene Lobachev, the founder of Suretly, it will let to reduce Ethereum networks overload when the ICO starts.

Many of the recent ICO campaign caused the network overload and as a result all transactions in the network stopped for 3-4 hours. For example, the BAT’s ICO caused the processing unable to proceed with a standard commission for more than 4 hours. To buy certain tokens some investors set a high cost of transactions up to 6000 dollars. A high cost of transaction allows to get into the nearest block without waiting for your turn, such transactions with high commission are instantly made.

What does it mean? It means that if you don’t have enough money it would be very difficult for you to become an investor of a hyped project. Such investors will have to buy tokens on exchanges after the end of an ICO that leads to enormous capitalization of the project. Which in return will lead to difficulties to raise another round of investments.

To let all participants of the market not only to the “whales” to invest in the ICO, Suretly decided to let its investors to deposit beforehand. In this case, investors are able to put any amount of coins and make an instant exchange to SUR-Tokens at the very start of Surety’s ICO. But investors should hurry up with depositing because 70% bonus will be available only for the first “happy” hour of the ICO and might cause quite a stir!

ICO2GO is a technological partner and provider of tokens issuing.

Suretly is a unique crowdvouching platform that offers an alternative to a conventional P2P lending practice. The crowdvouching model followed by Suretly works in conjunction with microfinancing organizations, where investors can vouch for a borrower by offering assurance to repay a portion of the loan amount in case of default. In return for their guarantee, they will receive compensation based on the borrower’s credit rating. A decision of vouching process is made just like on Tinder: right swipe for Yes, and left swipe for No.


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