Tel Aviv, Israel, 19 June, 2017 — Synereo Ltd., a blockchain startup creating an Internet meta-layer for equitable, decentralized content creation and distribution, is rebranding its flagship product Qrator to ‘WildSpark.’ ( rebrand coincides with the launch of, where individuals can register for the platform’s Beta version to be launched on June 30. The upcoming product release marks a major step forward for Synereo.

“WildSpark is the first publicly available product that makes use of the ‘AMP’, Synereo’s digital currency,” says Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Anderson McCutcheon. “WildSpark addresses the fact that content and its creators are bound by the monetization methods and strict guidelines mandated by a few large mega-corporations.”

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Synereo adds an “attention economy” layer on top of existing platforms. Users can show their appreciation for content by sending AMPs directly to content creators via WildSpark. “Following the investment of AMPs in the content, the curator gets a unique link that they can share with their followers and friends,” notes McCutcheon. “If more people use the link and ‘Amplify’ the content, the curator responsible for content discovery gets a share of the contribution.”

Synereo is a first mover in the decentralized attention economy, which treats human attention as a scarce commodity. “Our goal is to build novel, fairer tools and solutions for content creators, curators and all participants in the content-based value creation chain,” says Dor Konforty, Founder and CEO of Synereo. “WildSpark is the first solution that allows direct compensation for value creation, and transfer of digital currency, on top of existing platforms and without being bound by them.”

The Alpha version of Qrator had been available to select community members. Be sure to visit starting June 19 to register for the Beta version of WildSpark and experience the benefits of the new content distribution paradigm firsthand.

“We aren’t competing with YouTube for hosting the content — we are introducing a way for curators and creators to monetize their existing activity, outside of the platform itself,” says Konforty.

About Synereo

A Gartner “Cool Blockchain Vendor,” the Tel-Aviv based Synereo Ltd. is a startup creating an Internet meta-layer for equitable, decentralized content creation and distribution. Synereo’s digital currency trades under the crypto-asset ticker ‘AMP’.

About WildSpark

Formerly Qrator, WildSpark provides content creators and curators with control over the value and monetization of their online content, bringing added functionality to the Synereo experience. Registration opens for the Beta version of WildSpark starting June 19.