This is a very particular article since I’m a writer here but today I’m not going to present an interview or a translation, this article is to tell you a little about my project and where we are at at this moment. I’m a  IOTA enthusiast since I had discovered all the main characteristics of it and what was the IOTA Foundation mision. Later, I became member or the IOTA Evangelist Network, and I met (and keep doing it) all this wonderful people around the world working with the same goal: to promote IOTA through different areas and supporting each other. Being part of all this and specially of IOTA Hispano made me raise awareness about the importance of making IOTA known to all people in Argentina, especially those in my region. That’s why I founded Tangle Patagonia. Later, Sol Hilgemberg arrived to be an important part of this project and to function as a Tangle Patagonia cluster in Santa Cruz. So, here we are, two women in charge of this project in Argentina, working every day to make it grow.

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Gabriela Jara
Content Coordinator & Writer IOTA Hispano
IEN Member


Tangle Patagonia grew as a project wich objetive is to create awareness and educate about IOTA token, Tangle and possible use cases. Was born early this year, with no financiation but despite the fact we had no money, we achieve to create a web page and already made a few talks and participated in two Meetups. The first one in the month of July, thanks to the first IOTA Meetup Argentina at Buenos Aires hosted by Daniel De Michele, Tangle Patagonia had the chance to participate and gave the first talk. We were 4 speakers and one of them was Profesor Serguei Popov (Co Founder of IOTA and writer of the IOTA withepaper). Great experience, there were near 60 attendees, despite it was a very rainy day.

When we came back to Bariloche (where the project began), inmediatly started to arrange a local Meetup. So we contacted the people of Fab Lab Bariloche and finaly on the 23th of August the first IOTA Meetup Bariloche was held.

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