I would like to give a small update to our current work. As already announced (Look at the article) , we want to create a living portal with Tangle Universe BETA 2.0 that enables a lively exchange between companies from industry and commerce with our Listing Partners. We can guarantee absolute independence and this is very important for this project.

We are currently working on the creation of our Tangle Universe Industry Portal. In the future, companies from industry and commerce will be able to register for free on this portal, exchanging ideas with our Listing Partners and Premium Supporters in a variety of ways.

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At this early stage, companies should experience the possibilities of IOTA and the Tangle. The aim is to develop new ideas for IOTA and Tangle applications with special focus on the corresponding companies for various areas, to realize cooperations, partnerships and possible assignments and to facilitate fundings.

As already described we want to create a win-win situation between our listed partners and potential users from industry and commerce. Tangle Universe will thus become a very lively project in the future, enabling industrial partners and potential venture capital and funding providers to optimally exchange information with IOTA and the Tangle spectrum. We will enable larger and also smaller companies from industry and commerce, which fit thematically to IOTA and Tangle applications, to register, so that they can experience the full spectrum of the possibilities of IOTA and Tangle on this platform through our Listing Partners and Premium Supporters. Thus, the providers of information and networks through our “Supporter” & “Events” will provide the important basic information, the interesting IOTA “Projects”, and “Applications” will bring the practice closer, the listed experienced service providers and their services for IOTA will be contacted and used quickly and the user can also quickly get to know the trading opportunities and opportunities in the FIN sector through our “Exchange” partners, a selection of developers in this environment can help realize projects. With this we would like to help to promote cooperations, partnerships and contract awards with our Listing Partners.

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