That Time We Gave $500,000 in Bitcoin to College Kids…


Dan Elitzer is the blockchain and digital identity lead at IDEO CoLab (a collaborative RD network) and the founder of the MIT Bitcoin Club; Jeremy Rubin is a Bitcoin Core developer and the co-founder of the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, the school’s in-house research effort aimed at the technology.

In this “Bitcoin Milestones” entry, Elitzer and Rubin recall their efforts as MIT students to boost bitcoin, using a mock interview with CoinDesk to tell the story of how they once distributed $500,000 in BTC to MIT’s entire undergraduate population.

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CoinDesk: Where did the idea for the MIT Bitcoin Project come from?

Jeremy: I started following bitcoin in late 2011. My sophomore fall, I did a hackathon project called Tidbit with some friends. Tidbit aimed to use browser-based bitcoin mining to replace online ad monetization, but that’s a different story.

About six weeks into the spring term, laying in bed one night, I was brainstorming project ideas for a class. I wanted to study the social implications of bitcoin. It just kind of came to me all at once: “I should give $100 in bitcoin

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