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The Mediterranean Blockchain-week is expected to be among the most vivid and representative event, which will open the autumn series of conferences of the global crypto industry and measure the crowd’s sentiment overall industry’s sentiment.

The week starts on September 7 with the much-anticipated conference Blockchain Cruise Mediterranean – the world-famous cruise hosting industry’s most influential leaders, hosted by the cryptographic platform Coinsbank. The event is well-known for featuring the most interesting discussions devoted to the global problems, which the stars of the crypto industry and ideological leaders traveling from all parts of the world to join the discussion which measures the future trends of the industry.

As is clear from the title, in early September 2018, the cruise vessel will travel across the Mediterranean Sea. The route of one of the largest liners with 3,000 passengers on board runs through Barcelona and Monaco to Ibiza. The main part of the program bankers with a global name, exchanges owners, international advisers, project founders, and representatives of state regulators will devote to discussing the problems of the crypto industry, revealing the market inside scoop, and sharing investment recipes.

On September 10 the blockchain week will continue in Ibiza as part of Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, one of the most authoritative crypto events in the world, which second edition will be held in a “crypto G20” format. The founders and representatives of the largest exchanges, investment funds, state financial regulators, blockchain evangelists, venture investors, and the bravest ICO startups, selected by Futurama Pipeline experts around the world, will arrive on the island.

Representatives of Bithumb, Coinsbank, Evercoin, EXMO and other “unicorns” of the crypto industry will openly answer crypto questions about the prospects of development, market manipulation, hacker attacks, token listing cost and decentralization for the first time.

“We decided to put the most critical issues facing crypto exchanges as the central topics of our upcoming Futurama Ibiza event because such attention hasn’t been paid elsewhere in the industry. Today, the crypto exchanges are arguably one of the most lucrative business in the blockchain industry. And yet, it is also the source of most contentious issues like hacking, privacy and regulation. For many exchanges, it’s also where user on-boarding and off-boarding are taking place with the regular fiat banking world.  Getting this part right is so critical to the growth of our industry and that is why we decided to attract the top exchanges in the single location with unprecedented open environment”, – shares his ideas Joshua Hong, the event cofounder.

Officials and lawyers from US and Malta state financial commissions will seek common ground with representatives of the crypto industry within the framework of panel discussions. Christian Ellul, Founder of E&S Group, Maltese lawyer, and advisor for 40+ ICO startups, shared the insights expected to be given at the conference:

“Specifically with regard to Malta, the main topics of discussion would be: Introduction of the 3 new acts + brief overview; Financial Instrument Test, obligations of the VFA issuer (including whitepaper requirements), VFA services, VFA Agent, Exchanges in Malta, security tokens, tokenomics.”

Crypto-startups, engaged in search of investors and correct positioning, will try to prove their sustainability to offer value to the crypto community, and the best ones will get the privilege of listing, guidance from industry’s renowned advisors and the generous support of 10+ venture funds. Futurama Global Pipeline Program (FGPP) Community Fund will invest in the private sale of the winner’s token generation event for the Ibiza Cohort. Among the investment funds confirmed there are DNA, E&S Consultants, InfraTech Capital, Alchemy Capital, Foundation X, Blockmon.

Co-founder of Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, well-known Internet entrepreneur Joshua Hong, believes that the community-oriented concept “assumes that the best answers to the problems in the industry can be found through proactive sharing of each other’s stories in highly personable ways.  So, no matter what the issues are, be it crypto exchanges getting hacked or regulators feeling the pressure from disgruntled token investors who lost money, the solution can be found through community interactions and honest, open conversations.”

Sergei Zhdanov, CEO of the crypto exchange EXMO, and Miko Matsumura, founder of the Evercoin exchange, are waiting for a heated discussion about the confrontation between centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Representatives of the Bithumb exchange in 2018 described Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit a unique event in the crypto industry, because “the concept of the event is focused on building a community and exchanging information from the top people, that is, having a high degree of reliability that is priceless in a young and rapidly developing market.”

The exclusive status of the summit is underscored by the level of guests, among which will be the head of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce, the founder of Roger Ver, the CTO of OGroup Maja Vujinovich and other legendary persons.

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