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The exponential advance of the technology contemplated the diverse social segments, including the economic market. The encryption market linked to technology is progress. However, it carries with it all the fears and doubts that the digital universe carries. Security, transparency, agility, and costs are the main motivators that lead users to choose centralized banks, and information is needed so that the universe of cryptocurrencies is massively inserted into the culture with all the trust it deserves.

According to the CoinMarketCap, there are currently about 2,240 cryptocurrencies, which have already moved more than $280 billion throughout its history. Today this market is one of the most promising in the world, however, the currency volatility still leaves many market investors fearful.

Today, it is for these readers that we have come to unravel a possible solution to such a longing. The cryptocurrency Mindexcoin (MIC) came on the market with the proposal to be among the top 10 assets in the world, according to its development team, with a special focus on strategies that offer stability to its permanence in the market.

With a complete service platform, Mindexcoin has its own blockchain, seeking to offer an agile, secure and transparent service to its users in an exclusive way. In addition, the system offers its customers the MindexWallet service, a digital portfolio with a system facilitated and with low rates, allowing the storage of the currency and the accomplishment of transactions.

Mindexcoin also carried out specific actions along its trajectory in order to value its customers and insert more assets in the market, such as multiplying by four all the MIC’s of the users who transferred the altcoin to MindexWallet, with subsequent promising results.

In May of this year, for example, Mindexcoin was launched in two of the world’s greatest exchanges, Idax and Digifinex. A few weeks after launch, the currency has already reached the third position in the 24-hour trading volume, according to the CoinMarketCap platform, exceeding the 700% mark.

Such advances have attracted the attention of investors around the world, bringing the expectation of exponential valuation of Mindexcoin. So if you are looking to enter the market, or even follow in it with more security, transparency, and agility, Mindexcoin may be the right alternative for you.


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