The cryptosphere is evolving, and fast. Just a year ago, the world of cryptocurrency was largely known as a fringe hobby for tech geeks and anarcho-capitalists; Bitcoin was nothing more than ‘magic internet money’ and blockchain was, I don’t know, maybe some kind of car part?

Nowadays, financial institutions, business, and governments all around the world are adopting blockchain-based systems for all kinds of different purposes–transaction settlement, data storage, payment distribution, record keeping–the list goes on and on.

What’s truly remarkable is that this is an industry that virtually started from absolutely nothing within the last several years. Everything in the blockchain sphere moves at lightning speed–how to succeed in a world that moves faster than you can say “distributed ledger”?

”Let the Experts Handle It”

According to Skyler Steinke, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Gemini’s Hedge Fund Solutions, the secret to success is speed to market. Gemini is an assets management company that has been in operation since 1983.

“Time-to-alpha is a critical element for fund managers who want to take advantage of this emerging asset class,” said Steinke. (In a financial context, ‘alpha’ is defined as a measure of the active return on an investment compared with a suitable market index.)

The problem is that there is a high learning curve in this very-new industry; the blockchain world is just on the precipice of transitioning from a very user-unfriendly space into a space that anyone can navigate. For now, however, some blockchain firms who are trying to manage on their own would be better off bringing in outside help.

“As a result, it is vital for them to work with service providers who are experienced, while also able to keep pace or innovate with new solutions, and stay current/ahead of market requirements,” Mr. Steinke continued. The remark was made at an online webinar that was moderated by Paul McMillan.

It’s true that within the blockchain industry, there are a growing number of PR, legal, tech firms that specialize in assisting companies entering the blockchain world in getting on their feet. ICOBOX, Blockstarter, and iComplyICO are just a few of many for ICOs;

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