Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. Most of the industries they were able to tap into were pretty much financial. For example, the trading market, e-commerce, and gambling. But many people still don’t understand how popular there new digital currencies are. What they don’t understand even more is that how useful they could be on the internet.

Well according to recent news published on Finsof, the next big market cryptos are about to tackle is the adult entertainment industry. It’s quite hard to imagine what it would actually be like to have cryptos used in porn. The primary question is “How do we use cryptos for porn?”

Cryptos in the adult entertainment industry

It is no secret that many porn websites have subscriptions. That is one of the ways they could earn some revenue, other than sponsorships and ads of course. All of these accounts are purchased with fiat currencies on the most popular websites. Unfortunately, most of them don’t utilize cryptocurrencies for their online transactions, which is a shame because a lot of other online industries have started featuring faster transactions and services. However, this is not an end to porn crypto currencies as many smaller operators have started to actually pay their customers with cryptos if they watch porn on their websites. Tube8 is one of the subsidiaries of PornHub, which was something of a spinoff that was made to test out new ways of showcasing porn and incorporating cryptocurrencies. They may be spearheading an emerging market and could be the top player when it actually gets established.

Eat food with cryptos

Many small businesses had already incorporated crypto payments before the large food chains came to dominate it. Subway is actually one of the biggest chains currently featuring Bitcoin payments in some of its branches. One of the first places to introduce it was in Buenos Aires, which has been reporting quite a large sum of profits from conducting commerce with Bitcoin. It was quite a large hit.

Actually, the first ever crypto transaction for food was a long time ago, when a man purchased a pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins. You may want to look away when we say how much that was worth last winter, about $200 million. So we hope that man had the best pizza in his life. But thanks to transactions like that Bitcoin was able to get to where it is now. There are now multiple pizzerias in the US offering the same service, but right now it would cost you 0.000something BTC to buy one, so make it count!


Although we mentioned just a few ways to use your cryptocurrency, there are definitely a lot more. Including cars and even guns. Therefore it is safe to say that cryptos are well on their way to becoming one of the favorite e-commerce transaction systems. So stock up and prepare for the gold rush.

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