If you are interested in making some easy Satoshis, then go check out our list featuring some of the most rewarding Bitcoin faucets that you can use this July.



StakeCube is an all-inclusive crypto ecosystem that was launched in 2019, which serves as a Proof of Stake pool, faucet, exchange, game place, wallet, and many other functionalities, supporting many different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

StakeCube initially started out as PoS Pool, but since then, it has diversified and expanded its users base to include 40.000 customers. The platform supports 50 different crypto assets, and while most of the coins you will find here are PoS-based, you will also find some coins that are un-stakable, such as Dash and Dogecoin.

The site has 11 apps that currently support Wallets, Masternodes, Exchange, Interest, StakeCubeCoin, Academy, Community, GamePlace, and API.

The Faucet feature of the site allows you to claim multiple coins once every 24 hours. Their wallets are up 24/7, which means you always receive staking rewards.

You can claim aside from Bitcoin, 14 other coins every day without captcha, PoS, and you can earn a 7.5% yearly interest for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Doge.

These faucets refill automatically, but you also have some community faucets, which are refilled manually by donations, which are not always available.

StakeCube supports the following faucets, which can be used for free: Bitcoin W Spectrum Faucet, MMOCoin Faucet, DigiWage Faucet, APR-Coin Faucet, TurboStake Faucet, and BitRewards Faucet. is a well-known faucet site, which is mainly based on a paid to click system. Here you can earn Satoshis by clicking on ads from different publishers, accessing offerwalls, shortlinks, or mine through your CPU.

The site also hosts monthly contests that involve OfferWall, Shortlinks, and Referrals.

Bitsfree has different commissions that you can take advantage of:

  • Faucet Referral Commission: from 10% up to 25% (depends on membership);
  • Offerwall Referral Commission: from 5% up to 15% (depends on membership);
  • Shortlinks Referral Commission: from 3% up to 10% (depends on membership).

Also, every Saturday or Sunday, users are able to make claims every 30 minutes.

Users can withdraw to Faucethub once they have reached a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.00005000 BTC for Basic Members, and there is no minimum for upgraded members. For users that want to directly cash out their Satoshis to their Bitcoin wallet, a minimum limit of 0.00030000 BTC must be met by all members.

ClaimBits is a site that lets you earn Satoshis by completing simple tasks, usually by clicking on advertising links. A “Bit” value, which is the internal currency of ClaimBits, will be assigned to the tasks that are available to you. “Bits” can later be converted into Satoshi.

This site caters to both users looking to gather Satoshi, as well as for advertisers that want exposure for their brand. Advertisers can generate potential leads, sales, or opt-ins by posting their ads on the platform.

There are several different methods trough which you can earn Satoshi, with the most popular options being Shortlinks and pay to click ads. Bits can be claimed once every 15 minutes. Bits can also be earned through Offerwalls, CPU Mining, Referrals, Lottery, Games, Contests, and various other means.

Users just have to click on the “Visit’ button, after which you will be redirected to another screen featuring the advert. The links are, however, contained within, meaning you will not be taken to another website.

The claims are paid out by FaucetPay or Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is 4000 Satoshi on FaucetHub (smaller for upgraded memberships), and payouts are processed within 24 hours.

FreeBitcoinRelated image

FreeBitcoin is among the highest paying Bitcoin faucets, and since 2013 when it first started out, it has remained on the lists of the top BTC faucets.

Faucet claims vary from user to user. Claims can be made once every hour, but during that time, users can play other games and try to multiply their BTC funds. To activate the faucet, you just roll the dice.

There are also lottery games where Bitcoin can be withdrawn for free. The platform also features referral commissions for those who bring in new users. The withdrawals are usually done within 24 hours.

Recently, the site has announced a wagering contest with $20,000 in total prizes.

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ESFaucet is a Bitcoin and crypto faucet that was established in 2019 as part of the BTCNewz, bitcoin news site.

ESFaucet supports a variety of faucets through which you can earn 12 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and ES Coin, the site’s internal crypto. All cryptos come with their own faucet and claiming page.

Claims can be made once every 5 minutes by clicking a button, ads, or solving captchas, the more you wait between each claim, the higher the sum you will get per claim.

For instance: the 5 minutes claim has a reward of 1.58 Satoshi (up to 5.53 Satoshi bonus), the 1-hour claim 2.56 Satoshi (up to 8.96 Satoshi bonus), and the 12-hour claim 7.4 Satoshis (up to 25.9 Satoshi bonus).

You can make up between 1% and 100% through their daily bonus, where you have to make at least one claim per day. The OFFER Bonus allows users to claim 350% of all bonuses combined. The site’s referral commission allows you to gain 2500 ES Coin bonuses and 20% of all the claims of the people you referred to.


Cointiply is a crypto faucet that supports the claim of multiple digital assets. Here you complete several tasks to collect coins (or credits) that can be later exchanged into Bitcoins or other cryptos. You can earn coins by solving the captcha or by clicking on the “Roll & Win” button, where you can get 100,000 coins.

Users can also earn new coins by playing games or watching videos of ads. The reward depends on the game and video service you select.

Their offer wall section is where different companies post offers such as surveys, games, apps, quizzes, etc., and if you complete or download them, you receive a certain reward. You can make between 5000 and 100,000 coins just for taking a survey.

Cointiply incentivizes users to be active on the site, as the top 10 earners receive 400% to their coin balance and 25$ daily prizes.

Once you have reached 50,000 coins in your account balance, you can withdraw directly from your Bitcoin wallet.

Their referral commission is 25% of every claim made by the people you referred to and 10% of any of your referrals offerwall profits.


We have come to the end of our list featuring the best Bitcoin faucets you can look out for this July. Faucet rewards are not very substantial, but it is an easy way of learning how to interact with crypto.

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