In today’s article, we will be listing some of the most rewarding XRP faucets that you can access and use this July.

XRP faucet sites allow users to earn and collect Ripple coins for free. To earn these coins, you have to complete simple tasks, such as clicking on ads, rolling a dice, filling out a captcha, taking a survey, and other things.

Keep in mind that any XRP wallet you own, which you will have to link to your faucet so that you can receive your funds, will require a 20 XRP deposit in order to activate an XRP wallet.

XRP has a current market value of $0.176808, according to data from CoinMarketCap.


AdXRP is a relatively young company that started out in 2019, presumably based in Russia. The platform allows its advertising associates to make profits through PTC (pay to click) and Pay Per Surf advertising. This allows users to earn XRP by viewing web pages and clicking on ads.

Similar to other XRP faucets, the site also allows members to earn commissions through direct or indirect referrals. AdXRP serves as a link between purchasers and advertisers paying those who view web content, mostly Bitcoin sites, with XRP.

With a hundred satoshi per ad (0.00035000 XRP) and considering that a website has around 55+ ads per day, you can earn close to thousands of satoshi per click. Users are able to autosurf for distinct sites which can have around 35000 satoshi per click. If you take into account all the sites and the autosurf option, you can stand to earn around 0.5 XRP per day.

Pay To Click will give you the referral surfings of seven members, and you also have the option of selling or buying your active referrals.

The referral commission is set at 8%. Users can withdraw their earnings from the site once they have reached the minimum threshold of 0.5 XRP, with the funds being directly credited to your wallet.

XRPArcade’s TipperXRPArcade

While it is not like the rest of our XRP faucet sites, The Tipper app from the XRPArcade site does hand out free XRP for bringing traffic to a particular page, just like most faucets do.

The tipper bot/app makes use of Wietse’s XRPtipbot, and the bot allows users to execute XRP withdrawals fast and with low fees. Users can stand to earn 0.01 XRP by accessing one website and instantly cash out the coins to their wallet.

The Tipper can be used by website owners that want to generate traffic for their website or promote a certain page. They then set the sum of XRP allocated for the tip, the frequency (once every x minutes/hours), and the task that needs to be done.

You can click to claim once every 24 hours and re-claim the tip on the Tipper app.


XRPFaucet.Info is one of the most well-known XRP faucets that pay users in XRP for frivolous tasks.

The claim timer is set to 60 minutes, with the following percentages and earnings:

  • 30% of users will earn up to 0.0015 of an XRP;
  • 65% of users will earn up to 0.0016 of an XRP;
  • 3% of users will earn up to 0.005 of an XRP;
  • 1.9% of users will earn up to 0.01 of an XRP;
  • 0.099% will receive 0.07;
  • 0.001% of users will earn up to 7 XRP.

To use the faucet, users have to link their XRP wallet address and complete a captcha. Funds will be directly credited to their XRP wallet. At least one claim has to be made once every 30 days, or the site will close the account and relocate the funds to other tasks.

The site’s homepage shows all the recent faucet claims, as well as the most active users of the platform.

Queen Faucet XRP

Queen Faucet is a multi-crypto faucet that enables users to earn new cryptos, including XRP, by completing various tasks. Queen Faucet is one of the newest XRP faucets, so there is not very much online about it. The site supports BTC, BCH, BCN, DASH, DGB, DOGE, ETH, LSK, LTC, NEO, POT, PPC, STRAT, TRX, WAVES, ZEC, and ADA faucets.

In order to make claims on this site, you will need to first sign up for an ExpressCrypto account. Claims can be made every 5 minutes, with an average reward of 0.03 XRP per claim, or around 641611 satoshi (0.0012 USD).

If you choose to share the site’s referral link, you will receive 10% as a referral commission.

Evexrp is a crypto faucet program where users can play games and complete other simple tasks and get free crypto. According to the site’s metrics, Evexrp has 53,923 registered users, 4,662,140 games played, and 4,240.53063264 XRP won by users.

Users who do not like completing captchas are in luck, as EveXRP has only 2 banner ads on the “roll” page.

The faucet hosts a type of HiLo game, where you have to bet on what number will be rolled, and depending on what result you get, you can earn fixed rewards, and if you are lucky, you can even get the jackpot prize. The jackpot prize is set around $300 worth of XRP.

Moreover, to make things easier, there is also an auto bot feature on the site which automates the rolling. The game is also provably fair, meaning that the chances of your winning will always be 50/50.

You will “roll” a number between 0 and 10000, and based on that number, you earn more or less XRP.

The timer for one claim or roll is set to one hour. The withdrawal minimum limit is set at 1 XRP with 0.001 XRP of fees per withdrawal transfer. You can increase your earnings by 30% by refereeing new users to the site.


While it is a repetitive task, claiming on XRP faucets is a good way of earning a few coins for new crypto enthusiasts who are looking to learn about XRP transactions and wallet use.

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