The most performed activity in the crypto space is trading. There is an increasing number of people buying and selling cryptocurrencies to generate a return. Now, there are numerous ways to approach cryptocurrency trading, and this article will introduce three simple strategies that you can use to trade in the market.

1. Fundamental Analysis

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The idea of fundamental analysis as a trading strategy comes from its use in traditional markets such as stocks and bonds. The principle behind fundamental analysis is to identify assets that are undervalued by the market. If you can do this, then you will be able to benefit from upside gains as the wider market realizes the value of the asset that you bought long ago. Fundamental analysis is a longer-term strategy, so you will need to be willing to hold the asset for quite some time.

Now, being able to find an undervalued asset is tricky, but in traditional markets, measures such as the Price to Earnings Ratio and Earnings Per Share Ratio is often used. However, these metrics are not applicable to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, as it is not a company. Instead, different measures must be used, such as the quality of the team developing the cryptocurrency and the value proposition of the crypto.

2. Swing Trading

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Swing trading is probably one of the most popular strategies that traders use in the market. This is because the swing trading strategy is great for volatile markets. This is especially useful for the crypto market as we will often see wild swings in the price of Bitcoin in the span of hours. Being able to properly execute this strategy requires one’s ability to be able to time when the market will swing upwards or downwards. So, being familiar with price action will give you a big edge with this strategy. Also having an automated setup, and using crypto bots and signal groups (e.g. Binance signals) will help you improve entry execution, which is extremely important in maximizing potential profits.

3. Arbitrage

The arbitrage trading strategy is one that is especially suited for the crypto space. This is because cryptocurrencies are often traded on numerous exchanges, and as a result, it is often the case that the price of Bitcoin for example will be trading at slightly different prices across various exchanges. For example, Bitcoin could be trading at $11,000 on Coinbase, but trading slightly higher at $11,100 on Binance. The arbitrage trading strategy allows you to exploit this price difference to generate consistent returns.


There are more types of strategies that traders use to gain an edge in the market. What’s important is finding a strategy that works well for your trading style, so make sure to find trading strategies that you are most comfortable with so that you can generate consistent and reliable returns.

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