Giving back to the society is considered to be one of the most benevolent things to do. But in today’s fast-paced, materialistic world, it is hard for many to spare a few coins for others. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. If there is a chance that someone can gain returns from what they give out to others, they will not hesitate to make contributions.

TitheCoin, a cryptocurrency initiative by a group of “Christian” developers have set out to do just that. The cryptocurrency’s name itself relates to the historical religious contributions to places of worship. There were times when the church collected 10 percent of the people’s earnings to fund religious, charitable and community projects. The TitheCoin team revives the pre-existing concept with a technological twist.

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TitheCoin is a cryptocurrency that offers a way for people to invest in projects that fall between charitable and commercial ventures. The aim of TitheCoin team is to encourage contributions towards social and community development while ensuring adequate compensation for the givers. Built on Counterparty protocol, TitheCoin is a tradable crypto-asset that can be bought and sold just like Bitcoin and other altcoins. Besides, investors in TitheCoin also stand to profit from monthly dividends issued by the platform. The monthly dividends will be based on the profits generated by supported projects.

The TitheCoin team is currently in the process of raising funds through an ongoing ICO round. The crowd sale started on the Christmas Day of 2016 and will go on till the end of March 2017. The platform has set a maximum cap of 10,000,000 crypto-tokens, out of which 100,000 is set aside for bounties and the rest for crowd sale. Any unsold tokens after the crowd sale will be burnt to prevent the cryptocurrency from losing its value.

Investors can buy TitheCoin using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Counterparty or Steem tokens. Those investing in the platform right away stand to receive a 10% bonus on the base rate. The bonus structure will reduce to 5% during February and then to 0% in March 2017. The base rate of TitheCoin is currently set at 10,000 tokens per BTC, 100/ETH, 28/XCP and 1.6/Steem token.

With the launch of TitheCoin, many projects falling between the categories of charitable and commercial projects will receive the necessary funds for execution. The unique cryptocurrency will set a new trend where contributing towards a cause is considered profitable. Interested investors can take advantage of the opportunity and become part of the revolutionary cryptocurrency by taking part in the ongoing ICO.

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