There are a ton of enormous companies already using blockchain. Not all of them are using public chains but all of these are bringing blockchain into the mainstream in some form or fashion.

Digitec Galaxus

Digitec Galaxus is “The Amazon of Switzerland”. As of last week, they started to accept tons of cryptocurrencies for payment on both of their major online retail sites. This is a drop in the bucket compared to global online retail but it’s a big step in the right direction. One day, Amazon itself might do the same.

  • Aim of Digitec Galaxus Blockchain – Bring in customers who use cryptocurrencies
  • Pros and ConsPros: Finally, something to spend your crypto on other than other cryptocurrencies, Mainstream adoption. Cons: None.
  • How to Invest in Digitec Galaxus’s CryptocurrenciesBuy Bitcoin BTC, Buy Bitcoin Cash BCH, Buy Litecoin LTC, Buy NEO.
  • Future Plans for Digitec Galaxus – If these cryptocurrency payment options are successful, Galaxus will presumably add other popular options.


Samsung’s new S10 features cryptocurrency apps and wallets. Image: Grand Warszawski/

The newest generation of Samsung phone, the Galaxy S10, will include cryptocurrency wallets and apps. This is a great move for a mainstream technology company, as this provision will allow newcomers to the industry to invest in cryptocurrency without having to do so much work on their own.

  • Aim of Samsung Blockchain Solutions – Samsung is creating crypto apps because they think their customers want and need them. With the wallet apps, Samsung will make it possible for users to send, receive, and safely store various cryptocurrencies, all with the convenience of a secure phone app.
  • Pros and ConsPros: Mainstream adoption, Android users rejoice! Cons: your favorite crypto may not yet be supported.
  • How to Invest in Samsung BlockchainsBuy Bitcoin BTC and other cryptocurrencies with wallets going on the Samsung Galaxy s10.
  • Future Plans for Samsung Blockchain Support – If these wallets are popular, Samsing will presumably add wallets and apps for other cryptocurrencies, DApps, and blockchain networks.


IBM is making multiple blockchain plays. They’re using the Stellar network for payments and other functions, and they’re creating custom blockchains in-house for a bunch of clients around the world.

  • Aim of the IBM Blockchain – Create custom blockchain networks for any business purpose for which they are applicable. Some blockchains will be nation-specific, while others will be international/public. Use Stellar to bring banks and other financial entities online.
  • Pros and ConsPros: Investors in Stellar have a major ally in IBM. Cons: The bulk of IBM’s blockchain business will be in private chains, not publicly traded crypto networks.
  • How to Invest in IBM BlockchainsBuy Stellar Lumens.
  • Future Plans for IBM Blockchain – IBM will bring blockchain tech to businesses around the globe for hundreds of purposes.
  • Similar Blockchains – Ripple is being used by many fintech companies in a similar way to the way Stellar is being used by IBM.

Emaar Group

Dubai’s Emaar Group built the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Later this year, they’ll be using the Ethereum blockchain to launch their own utility token to bring international consumers online with their products and businesses.

  • Aim of the Emaar Blockchain – Emaar will use Ethereum to launch its token because Ethereum is the most well established DApp and ICO platform in the market.
  • Pros and ConsPros: Mainstream adoption, international adoption, big player in the Middle East. Cons: May or may not be relevant to Western investors.
  • How to Invest in the Emaar Token – Follow updates from Emaar for details. Buy Ethereum to trade for whatever their token will be.
  • Future Plans for Emaar Group Blockchain – The token will be used for customer rewards and loyalty programs.


companies using blockchain moneygram
MoneyGram have been testing RippleNet products to try and reduce transfer time and costs. Image: chrisdorney/

MoneyGram is a money transfer giant used by Wal-Mart and retail customers all around the world. MoneyGram has been testing RippleNet products internally to see if it cuts down on transfer time and costs. Early news is good, and this could bolster Ripple prices in the days to come.

  • Aim of MoneyGram Blockchain Use – Make transfers cheaper/faster, even across borders.
  • Pros and ConsPros: Ripple holders rejoice!, Bringing blockchain to mainstream/Wal-Mart. Cons: MoneyGram is still more expensive and slow than just sending money via crypto on your own.
  • How to Invest in MoneyGram BlockchainBuy Ripple XRP.
  • Future Plans for MoneyGram Blockchain – If MoneyGram makes RippleNet their new standard, they will presumably use it for years to come.
  • Similar Blockchains – The Stellar network is the most similar blockchain to Ripple.

Numerous other world-class companies are starting to use blockchain, and hundreds more are examining blockchain technology for a variety of different purposes. Not all of them will use publicly traded blockchain networks but at least a few of the best blockchain companies that exist today will become integrated with large companies for long term success.

Companies like Ripple and Ethereum are already used by hundreds of companies all around the world, and relative newcomers like NEO and ICON are working hard to catch up. Whatever the future holds, we’re optimistic about blockchain for mainstream use and real-world adoption.

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