As a concept still vague and unperceivable for many, Bitcoin continues to keep people dreaming of what it could be instead of what it actually is today. Now. In this particular moment in time.

It all started as an idea, a concept that wouldusher a digital monetary revolution and become one of the most convenient currenciesin the world. The bannerman of cryptocurrency and the technology behind it,Bitcoin was – in a nutshell – designed to help you pay for things withoutinvolving banks. We’re talking about things that make your life easier and – inthe very end – make you happy and help you have fun.

Lucky for you, further below is a list of top 5 fun things you can spend your bitcoin on and not regret it for one second.


We already hear some of you telling us off for playing it safe but is there anything more exciting and fun than a trip to your dream location?

Thanks to Bitcoin and a string of traveltechnology companies – such as the American Expedia – you can now bookand pay for a hotel with Bitcoin. Flights are also available so don’t worryabout how to get to your desired accommodation.

Those who wish to turn the fun element up anotch will soon be able to use Bitcoin to fund a trip to Space. Yup, you heardit right. RichardBranson’s Virgin Galactic is breaking barriers by allowing itscustomers to pay with Bitoins for their future astronaut adventures. Now that’sfun!

Let’s bring our feet back to the ground,however, and draw a line below this particular segment on the list by statingthat you can also turn your exotic trip into permanent residence with help fromNBitcoin by purchasing one of many state-of-the-art properties Bitcoin Real Estatehas got in its shopping window.


It might be yet another popular choice butspending Bitcoin to satiate your gaming needs is as fun as it gets. Theultimate combination of the two comes in the form of BitQuest, a Minecraft server whichutilises a Bitcoin system.

Launched in 2014, BitQuest will have you collecting gems and emeralds by killing mobs, looting dungeons and going through a variety of tasks. It was in 2016 that BitQuest was given a 2.0 reboot which now boasts a string of changes to the in-game economy – starting from on-chain transactions – and a brand-new settlement called Satoshi Town.

Furthermore, Microsoft has long made itpossible for players to exchange Bitcoins to purchase apps and games, but gamerswith a more distinguished taste gravitating toward online gambling can also useBitcoin. It is far from being considered a mainstream currency but it still hasa practical use with online gaming especially while playing live dealer tablegames such as Roulette and Blackjack.

Cars & Luxuries

Buying and expensive car or a luxurious piece of accessory is the one thing that is sure to send the blood rushing so the fun element of it is beyond any question.

From Tesla to Buggati, Crypto millionaires are given the opportunity to purchase the expensive wheels at a number of high-end retailers such as Post Oak Motors from Houston, Texas, which has already implemented the BitPay processing solution to become the first dealership in America to showboat its Rolls-Royce, Betnley and Bugatti offering to Bitcoin users.

Hand on the steering wheel with an empty wristis a blasphemy so make sure not to even take a seat into your classy ridewithout a piece of luxury jewlery. Bit Dials, the Bitcoin Luxury Boutiquewill get you sorted.

Basketball Tickets!?!

Bitcoin turns doubters into believers.

One such man was Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban who is set to redefine the sports scene by letting Mavs fans pay for their tickets using Bitcoin.

The revolutionary change was first announced in January when Cuban said Mavs are contemplating on introducing Bitcoin (Eth or possibly some other currencies) for ticket purchase.

Fast forward a couple of months and it wasannounced in November 2018, that Dallas Maverciks are launching a blockchainfitness app Lympo which rewards exercise with a token that holdsreal monetary value. Tokens can be exchanged to various services and goods(premium sports and fitness products) with Cuban getting agonisingly close tothrowing basketball tickets into the mix on a promise that a broader range ofproducts will become available soon.

Fingers crossed!