Crypto users looking to get more free tokens can find many airdrop campaigns this July. We have compiled a list containing some of the most interesting crypto airdrops to aid you in your search.


End date: 1 July

Estimated value: $5

BitHera is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that was created to provide fast transaction times and high liquidity through its native coin – BitHera.

Participation instructions:


  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Youtube.

Rewardiqa is airdropping 450k $ worth of REW tokens to all airdrop participants. Create an account at rewardiqa app, complete simple social tasks, and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 60$ worth of REW tokens.Rewardiqa

End date: 1 July

Estimated value: $60

Rewardiqa is a blockchain-based gamified microtask & advertising platform, that allows people to earn money and cryptocurrency through advertising.

Rewardiqa is hosting an airdrop campaign where it will be giving 450k $ worth of REW tokens to all participants. To take part in the campaign, you have to create an account on the Rewardiqa app, complete social tasks, and send your details to the airdrop form to get 60$ worth of REW tokens.

Participation instructions:

  • Access the Rewardiqa Airdrop Page;
  • Click on “Airdrop Live” at the top right of the page;
  • Type in your name and email address in Step 1 and Twitter handle in Step 2;
  • Join their Telegram and give your feedback on the project;
  • Subscribe to their YouTube channel;
  • Download the Rewardiq’s Application on the Google Play Store and enter your e-mail address;
  • Submit your ETH address;
  • You can generate your own referral, which you can share with other users and receive extra tokens;
  • Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page after you have completed the tasks.


  • Telegram;
  • Mail;
  • YouTube;
  • App.

Coinddit is a best earning platform enabling users to claim popular coins while performing simple tasks.Coinddit

End date: 11 July

Estimated value: $2

Coinddit allows users to collect free cryptocurrencies by completing simple daily tasks, and publishers can advertise on the site to increase their business’s crypto-related traffic. Here you can earn coins such as Basic Attention Tokens, Ripple, Enjin coin, Status coin, and Golem.

Coinddit is holding a crypto airdrop campaign where it will be giving away $3000 worth of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to 500-1000 users at random.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the Coinddit (BAT Coin) Airdrop page;
  • Follow the site’s Twitter and retweet this tweet;
  • Like their Facebook page and stay active;
  • Join Coinddit’s Telegram group;
  • Follow their Linkedin account;
  • Register on Coinddit and send your social media accounts details;
  • 500-1000 participants selected at random will receive 5-10 (BAT) Basic Attention Tokens;
  • Earn 25% of each user’s earning by referring to new users;
  • The rewards will be credited to your Coinddit account between 11 July 2020 – 20 July 2020.


  • Email;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Linkedin;
  • Telegram.

BIMIX is providing secure, trusted digital asset trading and asset management services to global users, sharing platform dividends with global members.BMIX

End date: 13 July

Estimated value: $10

BIMIX is an exchange platform that provides crypto trading and asset management services, which also rewards users with platform dividends.

The BIMIX exchange shares the profits it makes to the members, allowing the members not only to have more income, but to actually own a share of the exchange.

The BIMIX platform intends on building a strong community through its membership system and ultimately creating the first membership exchange in the world.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the BIMIX website and register for an account;
  • Have your email verified;
  • Go to the BIMIX Airdrop page;
  • Follow their social media channels: Twitter, Telegram group and news, Facebook;
  • Retweet the pinned post, tag 5 of your friends, and post a comment about the BIMIX exchange;
  • Leave a comment on their Facebook post, tag 5 friends and share each post on different Facebook crypto groups, and put the #tags below in the comment: #airdrop #bounty #Bimix #btc #exchange #eth #IEO #ICO #binance #usdt #trading #cashback #MLM #freelisting #litecoin #bnb #etn #Abbc #tags #tag #CMC #Eth #cryptocurrency #cryptoexchange #cryptotrading #mining #staking #OTC #future;
  • Fill their Google form;
  • Stay on Telegram until the promotion reaches its end or your bonus will be canceled;
  • You will receive $10 worth of Bimix tokens at the end of the campaign.


  • Email;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Facebook.

Bitcoin Black intention is to be adopted for use as a p2p payment system which gives the power back to the people.Bitcoin black

End date: 7 July

Estimated value: $36

Bitcoin black is a new cryptocurrency that aims to become a new P2P payment system that brings more efficiency and has nor border limitations.

Bitcoin black is a fee-less, instant cryptocurrency that aims to be the coin of the people, for the people.

Participation instructions:

  • Access the Bitcoin black website;
  • From the top right of the page, click on ”REWARDS’;’
  • Scroll down and register for an account;
  • Create a BCB Wallet here;
  • Send your BCB wallet address to Dashboard;
  • Visit the Bitcoin Black Airdrop Page and enter your email;
  • You will get 3,600 BCB ($36) coins at the end of the campaign.


Airdrop King is the leading aggregator in providing quality cryptocurrency airdrops. Since being established back in 2017, they are considered the veterans amongst others within the same field. They are passionate about blockchain technology and want to assist cryptocurrency projects to grow. The community and partners are their main priority and will always come first.Airdrop King Giveaway

End date: 31 July

Estimated value: $22.5

Airdrop King is one of the most used crypto airdrop aggregators. The site launched back in 2017, making them one of the oldest sites of this kind in the business. They feature hundreds of airdrops on their site, from a multitude of blockchain and crypto projects from all over the world.

Airdrop King is now hosting its very own airdrop, in which 25 community members will receive 2.5 Ethereum  (0.10 ETH per person – $22 per participant according to the current Ethereum price).

Participants have to complete the simple social tasks featured below and submit their details listed in the Google document form that can be found in the Instructions field.

Participation instructions:

  • Join Airdrop King’s Telegram;
  • Follow their account on Twitter;
  • Send your e-mail address and other details to this Google Document Form;
  • 10 ETH ($22.50) will be given to 25 participants that have completed the above-mentioned tasks and sent their details;
  • Winners will be contacted via email.


  • Telegram;
  • Email;
  • Twitter.


This has been our list featuring some of the top crypto airdrops that will take place in July 2020. We hope that you will find one airdrop that will be interesting for you. Remember to carefully read all the instructions so that you will receive the maximum number of tokens.

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