Cryptocurrencies are still emerging as a new form of money with the unique characteristic of decentralization. Because the crypto industry is new for many of us, most people are still skeptical about using crypto for anything. Moreover, even those who are interested do not know exactly how to get it. Fortunately, there are easy ways to get cryptocurrencies, one of which is cryptocurrency airdrops.

This is a safe way to earn some cryptos, usually from new projects launched in the space. Such crypto airdrops give you an opportunity to obtain cryptocurrencies for free and try to use them for different purposes in order to get familiar with the workings of crypto tokens before using real money to buy for yourself.

In this article, we will look at the top airdrops you should look out for in September 2020 and the steps you need to take to participate in them so that you can have a taste of the power of cryptocurrency. Here are the top airdrops to watch in September:

Auxilium (AUX)

Estimated value: $70

End date: 30 October

Auxilium is a cryptocurrency company that is focused on philanthropy. The company’s vision is to help alleviate the pain in the world using the Auxilium blockchain to provide solutions to technological and socio-economic problems.

Through the Auxilium Loyalty platform, members of the community can earn, win, spend, and share their AUX tokens. The company is airdropping a total of $1,000,000 worth of AUX to all those who will participate.

Participation instructions:

  • Chat with this Telegram bot;
  • Pass the human verification from the bot;
  • Join their Telegram group;
  • Follow Auxilium on Twitter and retweet the last two tweets;
  • Like Auxilium on Facebook and share the last two posts;
  • Visit the Auxilium listing on CoinGecko and press the “star” button to add it to your list and press “real” to add all Auxilium calendar events; (Optional)
  • Create an account at the Auxilium forum;
  • Download the Auxilium wallet;
  • Submit your details to the bot;
  • You will get 1,000 AUXL tokens;
  • Also get 100 AUX tokens for each referral, and the top 5 referrals can win up to $1,000 in AUXL;
  • Tokens will be distributed after October 31, 2020.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Auxilium wallet;
  • Email address.


Estimated value: $15

End date: 8 September

Morpher is a high liquidity trading platform for stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. It offers round the clock trading with zero fees for all its customers and intends to airdrop 500 Morpher tokens to its users. You can be a participant and get $15 worth of the token in the upcoming airdrop.

Participation instructions:

  • Visit the Morpher airdrop page;
  • Submit your email and click on “Claim Tokens;”
  • You will receive a mail with a link to complete your KYC;
  • Once you receive the mail click on the link, submit your details, and complete your KYC;
  • You will get 500 MORPHER tokens once their live trading app is launched;
  • Also, earn 250 MORPHER for each referral.


MedicalVeda (MVEDA)

Estimated value: $10

End date: 21 September

Medical Veda is an open-source health ecosystem that enables decentralized ownership of patient data. It grants secured and seamless permissioned access to this data to those in the industry who need it, thus revolutionizing data sharing in the health sector. The company’s vision is to be a top leader in this sector, and, for this purpose, they offer their tokens, MVEDA, to those who participate in their airdrop in September.

Participation instructions:


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Email.


Estimated value: $17

End date: 17 September

K-Pop LODI is an online community where members can like, comment, share, and follow “artists” who upload media such as videos, audio, and choreography. Those whose media files get the most acknowledgments are granted the chance to be audited at LODI, and those who succeed are given training at the LODI academy to pursue their dreams. LODI tokens allow fans to purchase items, participate in fan clubs, and request performances using LODI tokens. LODI is doing an airdrop of its tokens, and you can be part of it.

Participation instructions:

  • Start chatting with LATOKEN (LODI) Airdrop bot;
  • Submit your registered Latoken mail (Complete KYC Tier 2);
  • Click “Join and follow us” and complete social tasks (+50 LODI);
  • Click “Quiz” and answer all questions (+250 LODI);
  • You will get 300 LODI ($17) tokens;
  • Buy 300 LODI and get 300 LODI as a bonus;
  • Also, earn 50 LODI for each referral.


  • Email;
  • KYC.


These are the top upcoming airdrops by their reward, so if you want to get it, you can go right ahead and commence the process and be on your way to owning some crypto.

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