Litecoin faucets allow you to earn small amounts of Litecoin (LTC) for free. In this article, we explore the best Litecoin faucets that are legitimate and function in 2020.

A litecoin faucet is a website or application that enables you to earn some litecoin (LTC) for performing small tasks such as viewing ads and completing captures.

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These sites are a great place to start for new users who want to get their hands on litecoin without buying or mining.

Before you get started with earning litecoin from faucets, you need to get a Litecoin wallet to keep your newly acquired coins. Check out our Best Litecoin Wallets of All-time review to select a wallet of your choice.

Here are the top 8 best litecoin faucets:


MoonLitecoin is a popular litecoin faucet that pays you in litecoin (LTC). You can choose to claim your rewards every five minutes or claim just once a day.

According to the site, claiming just once allows you to earn more from bonuses while claiming every five minutes gives you smaller returns.

Further, the site also claims that you can increase your rewards by up to 300 percent if you take advantage of the various bonus schemes.

Payouts are made through CoinPot, a cryptocurrency wallet platform used by several faucets.

What’s more, you can get extra coins for referring other users to the platform.

MoonLitecoin faucet highlights:

  1. Claim every 5 minutes or once daily
  2. Loyalty bonus program
  3. Earn up to 0.00001000 LTC daily

Visit faucet:

Free Litecoin

On this site, you can earn Litecoin (LTC) by completing captchas and playing games online. You can make a claim on this Litecoin faucet every hour with no daily limitation.

Referrals you make this platform will add 50% of claims made by users you directed to the platform.

A positive feature of this platform has no withdrawal limits. This means that you can withdraw any amount of Litecoin from the site. 

The site also claims to offer a 6 percent return on interest (ROI) if you decide to keep your earnings on the site for a year.

  1. Free-Litecoin faucet highlights:
  2. No withdrawal limits
  3. Claim hourly with no daily limit
  4. Yearly ROI of 6 percent 

Visit faucet:


TheCryptoFaucet is a Litecoin faucet as part of a family of faucets on the same platform. The platform allows you to claim Litecoin (LTC) once every day.

Payouts are done instantly to any Litecoin wallet if your choice. You can also earn extra through the referral program.

TheCryptoFaucet highlights:

  1. 50% referral rewards
  2. Claim once daily
  3. Instant payouts

Visit faucet:

Amber Litecoin

Amber Litecoin is another litecoin faucet built around solving captchas. You can earn up to 0.00002500 LTC every day with only five claims.

Payouts are made to the faucethub micro-wallet, another wallet used by several exchanges.

Amber Litecoin faucet highlights:

  1. Claim up to five times daily
  2. Earn up to 0.00002500 LTC daily
  3. Instant payouts (via faucethub)

Amber Litecoin faucets highlights:

LitecoinFaucet lets you earn litecoin every hour by solving captchas. You can earn between 0.00000400 to 0.00250000 LTC on this site.

Most users earn a little over 0.00000400 LTC per claim, while a small lucky minority claim 0.00250000 LTC at least once a day.

Further, LitecoinFaucet is integrated with Changelly, which allows you to swap your coins for other cryptocurrencies instantly.

You are also required to keep your account active by making claims at least once every month.

Litecoinfaucet highlights:

  1. Claim every hour
  2. 0.00250000 LTC bonus
  3. Changelly integration 

Visit faucet:

The Bottom Line

You will not make a fortune using litecoin faucets, but they are certainly a good way for you to start making small amounts of litecoin (LTC).

Have you used any litecoin faucets? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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