TradingView has officially unveiled its first cryptocurrency trading partner. The company has added support for trading via Poloniex. Users of the cryptocurrency exchange will be able to monitor charts and execute trading orders via the popular chart provider’s platform.

The company has been actively involved in the popularisation of cryptocurrency trading. A number of exchanges have been providing the firm’s charting solution. The addition of the trading module of TradingView is an evolutionary step for the firm.

UI and UX of cryptocurrency exchanges

TradingView is delivering a very user-friendly and advanced cryptocurrency trading solution. The firm has been actively committed to the development of a product that can meet the stringent requirements on part of traders.

One of the main challenges for cryptocurrency exchanges has been the deployment of a user interface that is friendly towards traders. Most of the platforms in the industry are oriented towards providing a very basic set of functionality.

Advanced charting and expert design

The cross-platform charting product from TradingView is a very important milestone for the cryptocurrency trading industry. With the merging of advanced technologies that are liked by retail investors globally, crypto exchanges can start catering to more active traders.

On their part, more active traders are the way for cryptocurrency exchanges to generate more volumes and grow their businesses. The current status quo in the industry has culminated in the frequent deployment of subpar trading interfaces, let alone charting solutions.

Client Acquisition Channel

Aside from the improvements which a traditional charting and trading software like TradingView can bring to the traders, exchanges are also set to benefit from the integration. TradingView has a massive user-base with the company easily surpassing the mark of three million active users.

The increasing scrutiny over cryptocurrency advertising in recent months is likely to affect some businesses. The good news for the crypto industry is that Google’s ban is also likely to raise the profile of proper crypto exchanges as questionable affiliate websites along with unnecessarily expensive markups will yield to the most efficient and reputable companies in this space.

Poloniex certainly appears to be one of the most prominent exchanges in the industry, especially after the acquisition from Circle that brought material investments and additional staff.

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