One of the biggest online advertising networks, TrafficJunky announced that they will, starting Monday, May 7, accept Verge (XVG) as a payment option.

TrafficJunky is a very large advertising network that claims to serve over 4 billion impressions per day. Only a few weeks after Pornhub decided to accept Verge as a payment option, this network announced that they will do the same. This will be yet another large partnership that Verge managed to enter in a very short period of time.

Pornhub’s decision inspired others

Verge did not reveal their partnership with Pornhub until around 75 million XVG tokens were raised in a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign was preceded by the hack of Verge, and succeeded by a rise in a market value. These events happened in a very short period, and as a result, there were many different views on the credibility of Verge. Following the hack, many believed that it was not properly secured, and some even went as far as to call it a scam.

TrafficJunky’s statement, however, disclosed that the advertisers will be capable of funding their own accounts through Verge (XVG). This will allow them to enter TrafficJunky’s network, which is currently serving more than 4 billion impressions on a daily basis.

Product and Operations Manager for TrafficJunky, Rabih Boulmona, stated that it was only a matter of time when the ad firm will follow in Pornhub’s footsteps. He added that TrafficJunky’s team is excited by the fact that they will be able to provide another safe and convenient payment method that their users can benefit from.

Not everyone was thrilled by Verge’s partnerships

There was a lot of skepticism regarding the partnership between Verge and Pornhub. Some believed that there was no need for something like this and that it might actually damage the crypto market.

Despite this, Verge’s value went up almost immediately after the partnership was announced. Even so, Verge still has a tough time when it comes to regaining confidence and proving its safety and credibility. Its price has seen many ups and downs since, and even in the last 24 hours, it managed to drop down again, after a 10% increase that it has seen during the last week.

Verge halving is coming

Verge has announced recently that it will soon go through the block reward halving. According to them, crypto is planning on halving at block 2,124,000.

Some analysts believe that this act will make the quantity of newly-earned XCG reduced to a half of the amount that is currently circulating. Possible consequences of this may include the increase in Verge’s price, with a real possibility that they might skyrocket in the following days.

According to Verge itself, this move is a part of their transparent and very predictable monetary policy.

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