Here’s this week’s update. The focus has been predominantly on mobile this week.


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  • Updated translations

  • Updated: Temporarily disable deep linking for security reasons


  • New: Secure Android seed storage tutorial

  • Updated: History UI

  • Updated: Balance page UI

  • Updated: Onboarding UI overhaul

  • Updated: Settings page UI

  • Fixed: Fix 0 value transfer categorisation

  • New: Local PoW when snapshot transitioning

  • New: Use local PoW for manual promotion

  • Updated: Rebuild Android PoW library with more aggressive optimisations

  • Fixed: Fix missing onboarding buttons

  • New: Add node health checks on initial load, node change, and when adding a custom node

  • New: Add Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

  • Updated: Increase font size throughout

  • Fixed: Fix “send max” button visual bug on some devices

  • Updated: Add warnings about potential device unresponsiveness during local PoW

  • Updated: Add setting for auto-promote, making auto-promote opt-in

  • Updated: Disable auto-promote if node doesn’t support remote PoW

  • Updated: Reduce auto-promotion frequency

  • Fixed: Crash due to chart API failure

  • New: Add recommendation to perform snapshot transition if 0 balance is detected on initial load

  • Fixed: Over-frequent inactivity logout timeout

  • New: Trigger alert to recommend checking address string if address paste is detected

  • Updated: Update theming

  • Updated: Default to local PoW


  • Fixed: Failure to open deep link when Trinity is not open

  • Updated: Improve seed handling during wallet setup

  • Fixed: Bug where node switches back to default when reopening wallet

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