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Justin Sun, the creator of TRON (TRX) surprises this cryptocurrency’s supporters with yet another giveaway. This time, Sun is planning on gifting crypto enthusiasts with a ‘Dream home’.

TRON gives away a dream home

TRON (TRX) is coming closer and closer to the most important date in its history thus far, with only two weeks standing between it and its MainNet launch. Combine that with rumors that TRX might be listed on Coinbase, and it is clear that big things are coming its way.

This is not the first time that TRON is accompanying important events with a giveaway, and only last December, the team behind it tried to pull off this same tactic. Back then, the giveaway included Mercedes-Benz and a Maserati. The new one includes a dream home, which Sun personally announced on his Twitter.

The previous giveaway announcement was largely criticized by many Twitter users, who also commented that the participants of the giveaway should truly include less fortunate citizens as well. Apparently, TRON’s regular token holders never win much, with its giveaways being saved up for the elite members.

This time, however, the prize is much bigger than anyone would have guessed – an entire mansion.

While the first giveaway came out at pretty much the same time when TRON was listed on Binance, it is largely believed that it was just a part of TRX promotion. Sun wanted as much attention on his tokens as possible, and it worked. The price went from only a part of a cent to $0.2.

Big things might be coming

Now, the new rumor is circling around, and this one says that TRON might be coming to Coinbase as well. This is a big news for TRX, especially since the MainNet is only two weeks away. It is not that surprising that Sun wants as much attention as he can get this time, hence the dream home. And, of course, if Sun is truly trying this hard to get attention to his token, then you know that something big is coming.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the news of the giveaway. There have also been some who were able to see past the prizes, and they commented on their unfairness towards regular people. According to them, a regular person would never be able to afford paying taxes for such a mansion, or proper maintenance for expensive cars, which makes the entire system flawed.

The giveaway tactic is just that – a tactic. A lot is expected to come TRON’s way in the near future, and the team behind it wants more investors, as well as more investments from the already-existing investors. Still, many believe that the team should focus their efforts on making TRON’s tech as best as possible, instead of giving away prizes that regular people could never afford to have, even if they won them. Building the product is more important.

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