The latest result to emerge from the series of events regarding the Hyderabad drug bust is the apprehending of two senior students of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal pursuing Btech.

The Task Force officers of Excise and Prohibition on Wednesday raided their hostel room on campus and caught the students who had five blots of LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide) in their possession.

Y Ramesh and G Dwijj, the culprits, were arrested on drug peddling charges which included procuring, consuming and selling of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

Report from R. Suresh, Excise Deputy Commissioner (Warangal Division) stated that the two students were allegedly acquiring the lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a high-end drug on an illegal online Darknet marketplace and then delivering it by the post.

“The drugs were delivered to one of the student’s house in Kothapet in Hyderabad. Based on specific information, the duo was nabbed in Warangal and LSD was seized from them. They are selling the LSD blots at Rs 2,000 per blot and were also sending them to other cities,” Suresh stated.

Suresh added that the arrest of these students in the 1K hostel of the campus came as a result of a tip off. A team from Hyderabad then swooped in and made the arrest. This bust also happens to be the first drug bust in Warangal city. Further reports also revealed that the two students belonged to the 2012 batch, but were staying on campus to appear for examinations to clear their final year logs.

“We got information from our counterparts in Hyderabad that two students of NIT were consuming and selling LSD. After the investigation, we zeroed in on them. We have got a few leads from them and are working on them,” Suresh stated.

Officials of the operation seized a laptop as well as a mobile phone from them which will be sent for analysis. The two also later revealed names of five other people during an interrogation of which an investigation has been launched and hopefully an arrest can be made very soon.

As to if the two students were selling the drugs to their fellow students still remains unknown but the Excise officials stated that they are relying on their client list.

“Based on the leads given by the accused, we are probing if others were involved in the racket,” Suresh stated.

“If someone from Hyderabad wanted to buy LSD blots, the students used to pack it in an envelope, hand it to drivers of buses going from Warangal to Hyderabad saying that their friends would collect it at a particular point. Each blot was sold at `2,000’ officials of Excise stated.

The two students have however being booked under relevant sections of the NDPS Act.

In early July, Excise officials busted a racket of supplying top of the line narcotics including Lsd and MDMA in Hyderabad and its environs. This drug bust revealed that over thousands of students enrolled in very reputable private schools and colleges in the city were using these high-end drugs with some as young as 13.

The arrest of a US citizen Dundu Anish, a former aerospace engineer with NASA, Mike Kamminga, a Dutch national and a South African national named Alex Victor were among other also came as a result of the very drug bust.

To make this case a little more perplexing, seven BTech degree-holders who were working with multinational companies in Hyderabad were also grabbed in the bust.

This latest drug bust adds to the long list of busts in Hyderabad and although this may not come as a big surprise, the worrying factor here happens to be how these high-end drugs have managed to proliferate to educational institutions. Mr. Suresh, when asked about this, stated that they plan to intensify raids on public places. In addition, awareness programs will be held to educate people about drugs with regards to its use and illegality.

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) has however stated that they are surprised as to how this event transpired and that retrospective action will be taken.

“We are shocked by the development. We will initiate action against the two students. We will also conduct a probe to check whether other students are involved in the drug racket,” NIT Dean (students’ affairs) SVS.

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