Fintech is quickly becoming a popular trend among financial experts. As appealing as venturing into financial technology may sound, the current educational system does not prepare students for such a career path. The University of Strathclyde launched the Masters of Science program in Fintech. This makes it the first fintech degree in the United Kingdom.

Our educational system is undergoing some much-needed changes as of late. With curriculums virtually unchanged over the past five decades, it is time for a revamp. Over in Scotland, the University of Strathclyde feels the time is now to introduce a fintech degree. In doing so, the university becomes the first in the United Kingdom to offer this course.

Scotland Launches Its First Fintech Degree

Students following the MSc in fintech will learn more about the skills needed to accelerate a company’s digital transformation. With a strong focus on programming, analysis, and financial skills, students will be given all the tools they need. Considering how Scotland wants to be a center of financial innovation, it makes a lot of sense to offer a fintech degree. The course will run for one full year, and begin in September 2017.

Strathclyde’s Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation’s Daniel Broby stated:

“Fintech is developing rapidly, utilising software and programming code in innovative ways. It is driving efficiency up and costs down and the digitalisation of transactions is now a cross-disciplinary science. Our new course will equip students with the essential skills and knowledge for a career in this field; it combines theory, intensive practice and industrial engagement.”

Core fintech elements will be the bread and butter of this course. Students will enrich their knowledge of data analytics and financial regulation. Additionally, the application of new technologies, such as the blockchain, will be highlighted. It is good to see this course focus on emerging technologies, as they will be an integral part of fintech moving forward.

Albeit Strathclyde claims to be the first to offer such a fintech degree, which is subject to interpretation. UCL London offers an MSc in Entrepreneurship with a fintech sub-curriculum. The Open University launched a 50-hour online Fintech 101 course last year as well. Plus, there is the MIT Fintech Ventures course to take into account. It is evident the educational system is paying attention to fintech, and more of these courses will be created over time.

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