Uranium X is a unique mineable altcoin that is currently developing an ecosystem that features a free miner game and a super Atomic News Feed. Uranium X, prefixed as URX is extremely low in supply. There are only 235,000 coins that are going to be released over the next 70 years (now 69). Like other digital assets of its kind, it is not regulated by any central authority.

Taking a deeper look at other outstanding features, Uranium X is pretty flexible and anyone can mine and solve blocks since everyone has a computer. But there’s a catch! It can only remain flexible if the hashing remains CPU friendly and GPU resistant. This is the only way all miners can be guaranteed a fair chance.

Mining Algorithm and URX Wallet

For this reason, the URX community is working round the clock trying to implement a new algorithm that is GPU resistant and CPU friendly. With the planned upgrade, Argon2ad algorithm forking will be modified to yespowerurx at block 106500. For your information, yespowerurx is CPU-friendly, GPU resistant, and an ASIC neutral mining algo. This fork will provide CPU only blockchain consensus, making URX a fully decentralized people’s coin where even the smallest CPU miner can earn. Once the Fork becomes successful, existing miners will be required to download a wallet that supports yespowerurx algorithm.

About wallet: available at the moment is an android mobile wallet app and a desktop client. It is important to note that URX can only be mined on the desktop client. Android app, on the other hand, supports BTC and it is also great for fast mobile P2P trading. UraniumX coins can be stored in an open-source desktop or laptop client. URX wallet client acts as a secure network node, and can also be used for solo mining.

URX Coin Specifications

Changing the focus to the technical specifications, it is important to note URX specifications are based on the code from BTC. URX is a fork of BTC it is, nonetheless, prone to the same vulnerabilities. Other specs are as follows:

  • Argon2ad Ticker is the current Algo but will soon change to yespowerux
  • URX Block Time is approximately 5 Minutes
  • Retarget: Every block over a 50-60-minute average, Dark Gravity Wave
  • Maximum Supply: 235,000 URX
  • Release Length is 69 Years
  • Current Block Reward is .25 URX

Trading URX

In regards to trading URX, it is only a matter of time before traders start buying URX using thier credit credits. The team will also start offering fixed prices of limited supply quantity releases in the near future. At the moment, traders are able to: –

  • Trade P2P with any URX address. 
  • Handle on the go trading using a mobile android wallet. 
  • Secured their wallet with a 12 phrase encryption seed. 
  • Exchange directly from BTC with the android app yet has not been facilitated so far.

A quick note about the founder, current team and community in General

URX was first launched in April 2018 and in January 2019 it started trading on one Exchange. The founder drew his inspiration from Unobtanium (UNO). He wanted to improve the original UNO model so that he could come up with a cryptocurrency that would be fair, accessible and also rare.

The founder, whose identity remains unknown, utilized his time and resources to come up with a project that would eventually become a community venture. Currently, the URX community is a combination of technocrats, blockchain enthusiasts, gamers, artists, lawyers, musicians, scientists, and basically people from all walks of life. By the time of writing this overview, URX has already achieved one of its dreams, in the sense that it’s already an open-source community-based project that is open to all nations. This is exactly what the founder designed it to be. The community still welcomes members from all sorts of backgrounds so that they can come together, join hands and take URX to the next level. 

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the last UraniumX will be mined in the year 2087. This gives the team a lot of time for development and adoption, thus they are focused on making URX remain relevant for a long time, at least even after the 69 years duration. This can only happen if there are more community members joining in and executing projects for the interest of the coin.

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