The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of California, according to a press release on the Attorney’s site, is currently prosecuting a case involving the mail-based distribution of carfentanil, fentanyl, and ketamine. For the Attorney’s Office, this case marks a milestone in prosecution history; this is their first local case involving carfentanil.

Postal seizures in this case began in October 2015. United States Customs intercepted a package from the Netherlands that contained 1.16 “ounces of Ecstasy.” (The postal inspector wrote ”ounces of ecstasy,” indicating that the packages contained pills or tablets—both of which are frequently quantified by a pill count. Weight usually applies to powdered or crystallized form of a substance.) The package was addressed to a “Sky Gornik” in San Diego, California.

In January, Customs caught another package, also containing ecstasy, that had originated from the same address in the Netherlands and was destined for Sky Gomik. In April, a package from an address in Oklahoma—directed towards Gomik’s new address—had been caught by the postal inspectors. They reportedly caught several packages from the same post office, ultimately leading to the arrest of an unidentified darknet vendor.

The package contained 95 grams of fentanyl in gel tablets. In June 2017, during a Probation house search, officers found 300 or more vials of ketamine in a closet and 31 vials elsewhere. In the kitchen, officers found a journal with numerous USPS tracking numbers and sheets documenting earnings and money owed. In the bathroom, the officers found a bag of almost 2 grams of carfentanil. And, to top it off, they found sheets and gel tablets containing fentanyl and methamphetamine. The gel tabs resembled those intercepted at a previous date.

The postal inspector later intercepted 12 packages on a single date that all shared identical (in appearance) stamps, packaging, return addresses, and USPS tracking number labels. “Based upon my training and experience, I know that the volume of identical parcels in a flat rate Priority Mail box containing similar stamps and being mailed together at the same time is indicative of online Darknet mailers that use the US Postal Service to mail illegal substances,” Postal Inspector David Jones wrote.

Postal Inspector Jones reviewed the security footage at the Downtown San Diego Post Office and identified Sky Gomik as the mailer. After obtaining federal search warrants for the packages, postal inspectors opened them and found that each contained vials of ketamine. The vials had the same markings as those from Gomik’s residence.

Gomik caught three charges: Conspiracy To Distribute Fentanyl; Possession With Intent To Distribute Carfentanil; and Possession With Intent To Distribute Ketamine.

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