Switzerland – For the first time to date, a villa in Switzerland will be available for purchase with Bitcoins. Created in 2009 by an anonymous inventor, Bitcoin is the largest and most successful virtual currency and is recently experiencing an enormous growth. Experts believe Bitcoin is the currency of the future, and one Swiss visionary is determined to leverage its prominence in the Swiss real estate market.

Stefan Christiani, a 36-year-old Swiss resident, is determined to leverage the potential of the successful virtual currency by organising the first sale of a house in Switzerland paid for Bitcoins ever.

“As a student of Computer Science, I strongly believe that Bitcoin as a virtual currency has significant advantages over traditional flat currencies like the dollar, the euro, and other common currencies,” said Christiani. “Bitcoin is quick, simple, safe, requires no banking infrastructure, and will, from my point of view, revolutionize the way we exchange money.”

And Christiani is not the only person believing in the potential of the cryptocurrency: the local fiduciary firm Boverat is providing the technical and legal support to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

The villa belongs to a friend of Christiani, was built in 1954 and embodies a typical Mediterranean style on a 6,460-square-foot lot. The living area is about 1,700-squarefoot, with 7.5 rooms and a covered swimming pool. The property is located in the town of Ascona with an enviable view of the Maggiore Lake. The villa has been officially listed at 829 Bitcoins.

“This country is so conducive to the cryptocurrency revolution that nowadays every Swiss train ticket machine already works as a Bitcoin ATM.” said Christiani. “It was only a matter of time until someone would offer the first villa for sale in Bitcoins.”

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