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Waves Platform, the Moscow-based leading blockchain platform recently made news after announcing its intentions to

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Waves Platform, the Moscow-based leading blockchain platform recently made news after announcing its intentions to develop distributed ledger based fintech and trading solutions.

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In yet another significant contribution towards crypto-technology, the platform has partnered with the Business Incubator of Higher School of Economics in the country to launch Pro FinTech Startup Program.

Alongside Waves Platform, the National Settlement Depository will also be playing a significant role in the Pro FinTech Startup Program. The Incubator program, currently in its second installment helps startups develop projects in the field of financial and blockchain technologies. These projects are specifically targeted towards the banking systems, their customers, personal financial management systems, peer-to-peer services, investment systems, and other fintech products.

Waves, with its expertise in the blockchain sector, will be a valuable contributor to the program while NSD will come in handy when it comes to dealing with conventional financial and payments systems. One of the major focus areas for the projects is to increase the efficiency of existing financial platforms by including blockchain technology. They should also ensure that these technology platforms comply with existing and future regulations.

Waves has already made significant progress in the area with the launch of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform which is currently available on the testnet. The DEX platform allows direct trade of one crypto-token against another, eliminating the need for two separate trades against a reference currency. In addition, it also offers real-time, peer-to-peer, high-frequency trading ability using a “Matcher”. All trades executed through the Matcher will be registered on the blockchain for transparency, reliability and added security.

Soon, Waves Platform will be augmenting its DEX with fiat gateways that allow the use of blockchain based currency tokens for multiple currencies including EUR, USD and CNY. The fiat gateway will act as a bridge between crypto and fiat world while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations in certain jurisdictions. Waves Platform is on its way to conquer the blockchain domain with various applications that allow for speed security and compliance. The platform will continue to develop and launch new products until the demands of conventional as well as blockchain industries are met.

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