Dr. Moody Alam is joining IOTA as Director of Research. In this role, Moody will focus on overseeing research at the IOTA Foundation.

Dr. Moody Alam is a Chartered Scientist (CSci) with the UK Science Council, and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) and British Computer Society (BCS). He has been a Visiting Professor in Pakistan and was formerly a Principal Researcher at the University of Oxford. He holds a Ph.D. in Distributed Artificial Intelligence and specializes in designing decentralized protocols for intelligent systems. He has authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious conferences and journals. His academic services also include serving on over 15 conference and programme committees and as a journal editor (Advancement in Pattern Recognition, 2018).

Moody’s career spans over a decade of research and leading research teams in academia, governments and industry. He is an award-winning scientist who has worked at world-class institutions including Microsoft Research, Cambridge and University of Oxford, and has substantial experience leading technical and cross-functional teams at SMEs and large organizations. His distinguished scientific career is well recognized among the research community and has led to him advising governments and global tech companies on issues ranging from decentralized systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning and smart energy.

Moody identifies himself as ‘a scientist with a passion to improve the human condition’. He firmly believes that science can play a much greater and more fundamental role in the future of humanity; well beyond its perceived notion of merely producing technological miracles. He is a strong believer in the power of education and its role in societal reforms and when he is not ‘geeking out’, he spends his time supporting non-profit organizations in this sector.

On joining IOTA

Modern societies require modern mechanisms to enable trust, privacy and cooperation among its constituents. DLTs have great potential to fill this void by providing such mechanisms. This is why I am very delighted to be a part of the IOTA Foundation’s initiative and take on its challenge of developing the next generation DLT. As a scientist, this challenge has everything for me; it is complex, intellectually stimulating and solving it has huge potential and value for our society. However, the most exciting part for me is the not-for-profit nature of IF and it’s inclusive, far-reaching vision of providing the world with the much-needed technology.

As Director of Research, my priorities will include bringing transparency, scientific rigour and peer reviews to ongoing research, as well as to substantially strengthen and increase our collaboration with our partners in academia and industry. My immediate goals are to consolidate the existing talents and expertise in our research team and put our department on the path to carry out high-impact and world-class research. I am confident that high-quality research and meaningful collaborations will not only speed up delivering on IF’s mission of developing Next Generation DLT, but also establish us among the best DLT research organisation in the world.”

We are very happy to officially announce Moody joining the project. His extensive background in leading research teams at professional organizations, widely recognized contributions to the academic community and his extreme passion will be of great value to the IOTA foundation. Give him a warm welcome!

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