Luca Moser is a self-taught full-stack software engineer based in Zurich, Switzerland, with a strong interest in web technologies and backend systems. At an early age, he began to experiment by building his own computers. Later in his teenage years, he grew his love of programming by writing extensions for his favorite game.

Luca has worked for the same IT company since the age of 15, where he modernized internal processes by programming various applications ranging from a web-based DMS, to interfaces between CRM and ERP systems. At the same time, he also managed the company’s IT infrastructure as a co-administrator. Luca is currently pursuing his Swiss Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Software Engineering, which he will finish in 2019.

Luca became aware of the cryptocurrency scene in summer 2017. He has been an active member of the IOTA community since December 2017.

On joining IOTA

Having used other cryptocurrencies for transferring value, I asked myself whether they would ever be able to succeed as a usable currency for the average Joe. After reading about the technology behind IOTA, and its inherent potential for high scalability, I believe that it is the likeliest cryptocurrency to usher in a new age of value and information transfer.

Being able to work for The IOTA Foundation is a privilege. I hope to use all my available energy to achieve our mission of becoming the standard for the machine-to-machine economy. I am looking forward to being part of this new digital transformation and working together with my friends and colleagues at The IOTA Foundation.

Luca first came to the attention of the Trinity team, helping Rihards with the development of the desktop wallet. He now formally joins the engineering team at The IOTA Foundation. We look forward to working more closely with him. Please give him a warm welcome.

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