Mathew Yarger is a Cyber Security expert, DoD Certified Forensic Examiner, Certified Ethical Hacker, and experienced Project Manager with National and International scaled projects. Mathew has a diverse Computer Science and Network Security background, and has been getting increasingly involved in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) over the last 2 years. A longtime proponent of IOTAs Tangle methodology, Mathew is also a distinguished US Army Combat Veteran with 8 years of service and a tour in Iraq where he worked in high stress technical acquisition operations as an Operational Intelligence Manager and Radio Frequency Analyst. He also served many of his military years working with and for various Department of Defense Agencies while working with United States Cyber Command and Intelligence Commands as a Cyber Security Analyst and Cyber Operations Planner. Tasked with supplying expertise on the subjects of Cryptography, Cyber Security, Forensics, and Network Architecture methodologies with multiple International level offensive and defensive exercises, including Cyber Flag.

He was most recently a Digital Forensic Examiner at the DoD Cyber Crime Center(DC3) Cyber Forensics Lab(CFL) while working for General Dynamics Mission Systems, and serves as the Senior Information Systems Architect at Geometric Energy Corporation, providing key input on multiple Blockchain technologies ranging from exchange design, smart contract management, security auditing, and back end development.

While working to increase awareness and develop the technologies that he believes will shape the future, Mathew is also equally passionate about educating others and fostering a helpful and unbiased environment for mentoring those trying to get into STEM fields. He is currently working to develop online educational assets for the cryptographic and engineering communities with Open X Education. Tasked with managing the Open X Crypto community, he consults on DLT projects and helps design, develop, test, and refine online educational courses on cryptocurrency, cryptography, programming, and advanced engineering topics.

On Joining IOTA

I am both honored and excited to be joining to the IOTA Foundation. I believe my background can help guide IOTA’s unwavering devotion in developing the premier secure multi-layer DLT. The Internet has taken nearly 50 years to get to the point it is today, and it continues to improve each day. My only hope is that I can assist IOTA usher in a future where Blockchain and DLTs are understood for their vast utility and embraced by public. I will devote my focus to security development with regular auditing of the system, secure coding analysis, cryptographic protocol review, network traffic analysis, routine vulnerability testing, and assist in developing IOTA’s network topology. In addition, I will collaborate in enhancing the architecture of the current Tangle construct so as to enable its future scaling to unimaginable levels.

Mathew’s extraordinary resume speaks for itself, but as an organization that has security as one of its primary ethos, this guy is an obvious addition. His enthusiasm for IOTA and prior connections to other team members make him ideal for the project. We are excited to have him on board. Give him a warm welcome!

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