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WeUseCoins, a Bitcoin and blockchain information portal has announced the release of a comprehensive worldwide

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WeUseCoins, a Bitcoin and blockchain information portal has announced the release of a comprehensive worldwide guide on how to buy Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin’s rate of adoption across the world leaves a lot to be desired. One of the primary reasons for slow adoption rate is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency among the masses. For those who are interested in learning, there are only a handful of useful resources to guide them through the whole process of obtaining and using the cryptocurrency in an easy to understand format.  WeUseCoins is one such information portal that ranks high on the list.

The information offered on WeUseCoins is not confined to Bitcoin. It also covers the technology behind Bitcoin and various other leading cryptocurrencies in the market. The new comprehensive Bitcoin buying guide leads the users through each step, starting from choosing a wallet, setting it up to receive and send bitcoin, finding the right exchange platform to buy the digital currency, making payments on these platforms and transactions using bitcoin itself.

The WeUseCoins Bitcoin buying guide allows people to compare between some of the leading brands and platforms in the Bitcoin industry. The country-wise listing also provides information about a variety of features offered by the exchange and trading platforms, methods of payments and the AML and KYC practices followed by them. The comparison allows people to pick a platform that suits their needs.

Some of the factors one should consider about while choosing a platform include the ease of creating an account, offered exchange rate, available payment methods, delivery speed, transaction limits and exchange fees. In addition to choosing Bitcoin wallets and exchange services, WeUseCoins’ Bitcoin buying guide also educates people about Bitcoin mining and various mining equipment available in the market.

The WeUseCoins Bitcoin guide comes in handy for people from across the world. Those who want to explore the altcoin ecosystem can also go through a comprehensive list of over 20 altcoins to gain a better understanding of the technology behind them, their applications and factors differentiating them from each other.

The WeUseCoins comprehensive Bitcoin guide is going to play a major role in further improving the adoption of Bitcoin across the world.

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